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Oct 6, 2010 07:23 AM

Reno Chowhound chowdown Tuesday, Oct. 12 at La Vecchia

We'll see if we can get the Reno Chowhound chow downs rolling again. We'll get together at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 12, at La Vecchia in Reno. This is a nice Italian restaurant at the corner of Moana Lane and South Virginia Street.
Tuesdays are free corkage at La Vecchia.
So far we have three confirmed: RevAndy, Mrs. RevAndy and me.
If you're interested email me at by Monday at 6 p.m. and be sure to tell me how many will be coming.
Chowhound hates when we hold organizing discussions on the board so please let's do our discussion off board.

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  1. Just an update: C.Oliver +1 are joining us, so we're up to five confirmed.

    1. We've got nine confirmed with the possibility of more.
      We'll post a review of the food.

      1. The chowdown at La Vecchia was a rowsing success. We had great wine, food, and most important-wonderful camaraderie with the hounds. All that was lacking was the absence of some other regular Reno-Tahoe posters.

        Tuesday is no corkage and everyone brought their favorite wines, including riesling, burgundy, Italian, etc. I'm sure Steve has the complete list, if he desires to share it.

        Service was gracious and competent. The table shared a salad and frito misto, which contained very tasty fried calamari, shrimp, and vegetables. Lana had veal scaloppine with porcini mushrooms, cream, and white wine. The veal was moist and the sauce not too creamy but rich with flavor. I enjoyed the risotto of the day which was served with moist, delicious lamb shank. The risotto was perfectly cooked, al dente.

        I highly recommend La Vecchia and hope we can chowdown a bit more often.

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        1. re: RevrendAndy

          The food at La Vecchia was quite nice. Fresh ingredients. Everything was cooked properly. Quite reliable. Thanks, Andy, for suggesting it.
          Here's the wines:
          1999 Hiedler Weissburgunder Maximum
          2008 Castello D'Alba Douro
          2007 Miraflores Syrah Methode Ancienne
          2006 Barnett Vineyards Pinot Noir Tina Marie Vineyard
          1995 Louis Jadot Vosne-Romanée 1er Cru Les Suchots
          1994 Domaine Robert Jayer-Gilles Echezeaux
          2005 Benanti Etna Rosso di Verzella
          We can thank RevAndy and Mrs. RevAndy for the fantastic Burgundies.
          I brought the wine from Mount Etna. It was a little too sour to drink on ti's own but it paired nicely with the thick sauce of the veal with porcini.

          1. re: SteveTimko

            Hi there, longtime Boston hound, now living in Santa Fe and sharing the Southwest board with y'all.

            Just curious -- how did the '06 Barnett go over? I'm more of an old world kind of guy, but I bought several bottles of that exact wine when I visited the vineyard last year, and quite liked it for a new world pinot.

            Looks like a fun night of deliciousness, I'll have to check out La Vecchia if I'm ever out in Reno.

            1. re: finlero

              It's definitely new world. Kind of big but balanced. More strawberry and bright fruit. I liked it.

          2. re: RevrendAndy

            Hey Rev! Bob and I shared that risotto with lamb and thought it was just perfect also.

            It was a really, really fun time. Our first ever Chowdown and looking forward to more.

            Steve, thanks for organizing this and, yes,please let's try for more of them.