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Oct 6, 2010 07:19 AM

In Buffalo for honeymoon

Me and my SO will be in Buffalo next week for 3-4 days for our honeymoon. I am looking for some good recommendations on things to do, and places to eat. I think we want to maybe go to a couple of the places that have been featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. We were also thinking about Anchor Bar. Anybody have any input on that, or any other suggestions? Could range anything from a dive, to fine dining.

Also is there a decent place to eat near HSBC arena? We will be at a Sabres game Mon night.

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  1. I just ate at 31 Club for the first time, and it was outstanding. It's more on the pricey side ($25-$35 for entrees), but great for a special meal. Other great, popular high-end spots are Oliver's and Tempo.

    Most people around here will recommend that you skip Anchor Bar, unless you want to go for the tourist cache. You would do much better to drive out to East Aurora and have wings at Bar Bill. If you wanted to make a day of it, you could visit Knox Farm (State Park) for fall foliage, stroll on the "historic" brick Main Street, and have a dinner or drinks at the renovated Arts and Crafts era Roycroft Inn.

    Ulrich's or Gabriel's Gate are the best choices in the city...and I think Ulrich's was featured on No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain.

    There isn't too much around HSBC, but the Metro Rail runs up and down Main Street, starting/ending at the arena, so you can essentially take the train anywhere. People like Pearl Street Brewery and Morrisey's Irish Pub, but if you're into good food, you'd be better off heading back up to Allentown and eating there.

    You can troll around these boards for more suitable recommendations on the food front. Mulberry Cafe in Lackawanna, Schwabel's in West Seneca are two of my local favorites.

    Other ideas are the Albright-Knox art gallery (which has a great restaurant in it), the Birchfield-Penney art gallery (right across from Albright-Knox), and of course, Niagara Falls. You can hike down into the gorge, which at this time of year is a beautiful option that gets you away from the bizarre scene at the top of the falls. Lewiston is also a nice town to roam through, and has a few decent spots to eat.

    Enjoy the honeymoon.

    Irish Pub
    58 South St, Glens Falls, NY 12801

    Roycroft Inn
    40 South Grove Street, East Aurora, NY 14052

    31 Club
    31 N Johnson Park, Buffalo, NY 14201