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Oct 6, 2010 06:24 AM

Whole dried corn (for grinding into meal or flour) in the Boston area

Can anyone suggest a retail store in the Boston area that sells whole dried corn? Organic would be nice but I will settle for regular if need be. This is the kind of corn you grind into cornmeal and use in baking, not popcorn, dried sweet corn, or hominy.

If you have ever ground your own cornmeal you know how much more flavor it has compared to what you can buy at the supermarket. Years ago I used to find whole dried corn at some (but not all) Bread and Circus locations. (Yes it was before they got bought by Whole Foods.) The last time I bought some, it was mail order. Now even that option seems to have disappeared. Both King Arthur Flour and Bob's Red Mill appear to have dropped whole grain corn from their websites. Googling does turn up a few sources, but some only sell in very large quantities and the ones that do sell 3 or 5 pound bags have shipping costs that far exceed the price of the corn. Besides which, it would be so nice to buy in small quantities for freshness and to support local business.


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  1. I don't think they sell whole kernels, but Mainstone Farm in Wayland grows corn for their own organic cornmeal, which they sell in 1-lb bags at their farm stand (weekends only in the fall). They have a website for directions and hours, and you may be able to get in touch with them about purchasing kernels, too...

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      Wow! Thanks for telling about Mainstone Farm. I have emailed them about the corn. Getting a locally-grown product would be fantastic.

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        Please let us know the response. I'd love some as well. Didn't find anything corn in the product list but did see some customer comments about the fantastic cornmeal.

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        Good thought. However Gray's uses a different variety of corn than the usual. Gray's specializes in the variety used for jonnycakes. Mmmmm. Unfortunately it's probably not a good choice for recipes that call for regular corn meal.

      2. Sherman Market just got a delivery of this.

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          Thanks for the heads-up. I think I need to go to Sherman Market. I just got an email from Mainstone Farm. They do not have any whole dried corn available now. When they do, they will sell it for $20/pound. Ouch!

            1. re: StriperGuy

              It may have been a way of saying they don't want to sell it without using those words.

        2. How about these guys:

          They charge $5 a pound for ground...

          Or here:

          Heck these guys have 50# for $16. or 5# for $5

          How are you going to grind it?

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