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Oct 6, 2010 04:20 AM

Plz, your suggestions 4 Inland CT Snackin' Best of the Best Road Trip

I have some friends coming up from NYC this weekend. Was going to do a drive with them to take in some scenery and to eat. I was thinking of heading up Rte 8 to Barkhamsted to see the dam, and then to head down to Colchester to visit Cato Corners and get some cheese.

But I'm also toying with doing upper Litchfield County and hitting Sweet Williams in Salisbury.

No, no, I want to do the cheese. Okay, my route will be from New Haven to Barkhamsted to Colchester. Anywhere in the general vicinity of this loop that makes for good eating? I know New Haven pretty well. I'm thinking about other places, say, along that Rte 8 corridor and then between Barkhamsted & Colchester.

I would very much appreciate your input.

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  1. Near Cato Corner ,Priam winery fun to visit.

    And I'm not sure if they have closed yet for the season but Harry's Place in Colchester is a great hamburger stand.

    Harry's Place
    104 Broadway, Colchester, CT 06415

    1. Maybe lunch at Max a Mia or Grants . Stop to pick some apples and get pumpkins at

      Max a Mia
      70 East Main St., Avon, CT 06001

      1. Stop in Torrington off Route 8 at Sheik's Sandwiches, pick up some great sandwiches to go and bring them with you to the dam in Barkhamstead and have a picnic overlooking the reservoir. Harry's in Colchester should be open until the end of October - finish the day there with a great little burger or fried clams and an ice cream.
        If you are looking for something a little nicer, swing through Simsbury after Barkhamstead and stop for lunch at Metro Bis, or go via Windsor and stop at the Union Street Tavern.

        Union Street Tavern
        20 Union St, Windsor, CT 06095

        Metro Bis Restaurant
        928 Hopmeadow St Ste 2, Simsbury, CT 06070

        1. Colchester can boast of Nu Nu's Bistro, a funky little place right in the middle of town. Haven't been there in ages , but it used to be fun and very very good. Has it changed?

          1. Thanks to one and all for the suggestions.

            My party arrived midday, later than expected, so we didn't cover as much ground as I'd expected.

            We did stop at Sheik's Sandwiches in Torrington. I'm really glad to know about that place. My work often takes me right by it, and I never noticed it. Heck, when I had three other people in the car with me looking for it, we drove by it the first time. They could use a snappy neon sign outside.

            Walking in the door, we immediately knew two things: that we were going to like it and, that we were gonna eat way too much.

            I had the pig out sandwich, which was lovely thin-sliced roast pork AND bacon and cheese and lettuce and tomato on toasted raisin bread. I don't usually go for something so over-the-top, but this was really, really good. It came with a nice fruit salad that was all fresh fruit. My friends had the Cuban pork sandwich, the roast beef sandwich and the portobello mushroom sandwich. The only complaint was that the bread/roll for the mushroom sandwich was underwhelming. But overall, we were very pleased. And this was a tough crowd, full on food freaks who've lived in NYC for years and traveled the world and been obsessed with good food since they were able to take it in solid form. So hey, a serious thumbs up.

            We got some french fries to nibble on our way to the dam, and also tried a order of a new item, eggplant fries! The french fries were very, very good. The eggplant fries were so good that they could be dangerous.

            Back in New Haven, my friends opted out of the hour and a half wait for Sally's. We headed over to 116 Crown for cocktails (Mmmmmm, the piyor!) and, as my son was joining us, an order of the truffle-oil drizzled fries. Other drinks sampled included a Dr. No (miller’s gin, zubrówka bisongrass vodka, white lillet - served straight up), and an Elm City iced tea (miller's gin, earl grey, lemon juice, simple syrup - served on the rocks, because son says he needs caffeine in all beverages now, LOL) and another drink with tea, a brass button (no. 209 gin, hibiscus tea, depaz pure cane syrup - served straight up).

            We then found our way over to Thali Too, and shared all kinds of tasty things; the dean's dosa (always impressive when they bring it to the table) and pagodas (yummy stacks of eggplant slices and tofu on a bed of pureed spinach and tomato sauce) and okra salad (because you always sliver your salad items and dust them with flour and then deep fry them until magically crispy, don't you? No? Well, maybe you should consider it.) and these delightful little potato and cheese balls served in a creamy cardamom sauce and I dunno, other breads and things and a lot of nice beer.

            Moving slowly this morning. I do believe I shall go for a long walk today.

            And live on celery and water for the rest of the week!

            Thanks again for the input. Will try the other suggestions as the opportunities present themselves.

            I will be going back to Sheik's next time I drive past. I'm going to be needed more of those eggplant fries!

            116 Crown
            116 Crown St, New Haven, CT 06510

            Thali Too
            65 Broadway, New Haven, CT 06511

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                The outside is totally nondescript. The inside is welcoming and cozy.

              2. re: Pipenta

                Thanks for doing the follow up, glad you enjoyed Sheik's. Last time I was there I was craving a good Italian combo, so I ordered the Big Boy Panini - proscuitto, genoa, capicola, provolone, and fresh mozz with lettuce, tomato, and peppers. Little did I know it was a "challenge" sandwich, so it arrived on an entire loaf of bread (um, for less than $10.... what a bargain). I ate a quarter of it there, and made 2 more meals of it for lunch that week. Anyplace that slices the meat when you order the sandwich is a winner in my book!

                1. re: TnTinCT

                  I'm so bummed. I was all fired up to try Sheik's this weekend after reading these posts. I hit Google to look it up, which led me to discover that Sheik's closed for good a few weeks ago. Waaaaah!! I never even HEARD of it until today. :-(