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Oct 6, 2010 04:05 AM

Jacques Taco Truck- [Metro Detroit]

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    1. Thanks for the headsup...looks like he'll be in RO on Saturday!

      1. How do you find out where the truck will be if you're not on Twitter??


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        1. re: Davwud

          Davwud, their web site (see link in OP) has the daily schedule, toward the upper right side of the web page.

          Please report back on how you like it, rainsux. I tried them last Wednesday--and actually was there when Sylvia Rector was interviewing him. I don't want to poison the well before you try it, so I'll just leave it that I was very underwhelmed.

          1. re: jjspw

            Thanks. I was able to figure it all out.


        2. I arrived at 12:06 and was #13 in line. I ordered at 12:24 and received my food at
          12:29. There were 15 people in line when I got my food.

          They use the smaller shell, corn tortillas - maybe 4.5-5" in diamter; $2.50 each. The
          food seem very fresh and well prepared. I really liked the flavors in the beef rib
          taco. I was hoping that the pork would be al pastor ... but it was not particularly
          spicy or flavorful. The pork was overwhelmed by the lettuce, tomato, guac, etc. The
          chicken; well, was chicken - not much of a flavor fest. Next time I'll try their avacado
          taco. I left $7.50 lighter and still hungry.

          WRT to their operation itself; the truck seemed new, clean & well equipped. The
          woman working the window was the weak spot in the operation. She struggled
          with several routine tasks; wrapping to-go orders, keeping the order line-up straight,
          etc. Wes would have to stop what he was doing and assist her with seemingly
          routine tasks that ought not have her struggling. I'm hoping it was her first day
          on the job, first day in food service, first day ... you get the idea.

          I'll give'm another try.

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          1. re: rainsux

            Well, it's now 2:30PM, and I'm standing at the Royal Oak Shell station. He was half an hour late, but apparently you need to follow him on Twitter if you want to know whether he's going to be on time or not. Not my favorite first impression, especially being as hungry as I am.

            I'll try one taco and see how it is.

            Having now tried the braised beef taco, I can honestly say that, while it did taste pretty good, this thing was way, way, way, way, *way* overpriced, considering its tiny, tiny size. To be satisfied, I'd honestly have to eat, what, six or seven of them? At $15-20, out of a truck, out in the elements, with no seating or tables, it's basically ridiculous to me.

            If this is the future of taco trucks, then it looks a bit bleak to me. Bleak, expensive, and unsatisfying.

            Where. I come from, *that* isn't even an app...perhaps three or four of them would be, but one, at $2.50, is an insult.

            1. re: boagman

              Since I tried the truck on its first day last week, I could have easily experienced the worst of the growing pains--so I didn't want to say much about it before others gave their perspectives today. But, I see that I'm not alone with my general disappointment with the food.

              I'm surprised neither rainsux nor boagman pointed out that the corn tortillas aren't even warmed or grilled. Anyone with culinary experience should know that corn tortillas are far too brittle and leathery when cold! But he served them cold last week anyway. Maybe he's changed it up this week?

              The portions of meat were small, and very overwhelmed by the toppings. I'm not comparing this to an authentic Mexican street taco, but I also expect the meat to be the star--especially since the menu & web site sort of emphasize the quality of the meat preparations.

              Far too expensive. But then again, he seems to be catering to the suburban crowd who would otherwise dine at Qdoba or Chipotle, to which the pricing is comparable.

              1. re: jjspw

                > corn tortillas aren't even warmed or grilled

                Today the tortillas were warm, dunno how. I vaguely recall
                noticing some on the flat top, but it must've been a very
                brief visit.

                Taqueria Alameda is still my go-to place for mexican food.

                1. re: jjspw

                  Maybe I'll stick to Carnival's 99 cent tacos...

            2. We tried it at the Canton Farmers Market last Sunday. Not too impressed guys. The portions were Miniscule!!! I got the chips/salsa because I wasn't very hungry. There were literally three chips in there for $1.50. My husband got three different things and they were soooo tiny. They were good, a bit jazzed up (lime on the chips, etc) but tiny., tiny for the money.