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Oct 6, 2010 12:09 AM

Up the 99 to Sequoia. HELP!

Leaving Friday AM from Santa Clarita and looking for at least one stop right before we head into the park. Maybe around Tulare/Visalia or ?....A good brunch/lunch spot. Preferably not Mexican. He loves burgers, I don't and I am Gluten Free. Tough call maybe?

KQ :)

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  1. Not much on 99 on the way up. Not much in Three Rivers, so I'd check out Visalia. There have been some updates in the past year, but don't know about gluten free. Maybe a health food store has a deli?

    Most of the discussion here is about fresno and north, but scroll down to glazebrookgirl's post about Visalia's best offerings:

    You might post separately to see if there's anything new in Three Rivers to see if anything comes up. It's in the foothills, just. before you enter the park at Ash Mountain ranger station.
    There is a decent grocery there to stock up on essentials if you're camping . (t IS raining right now, so check NOAA for weekend forecasts) Take your woolies none the less. Fall has arrived.

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      I am constantly amazed what simple google searches turn up. Here is just one where I googled "gluten free visalia":

      Tokyo Gardens gets good local ratings and I would assume one can find much gluten-free in a Japanese restaurant:

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        glbtrtr - Thanks for these links - PERFECT!

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        Thank you Toodie Jane.
        You've been helpful to me in the past along these parts of CA. I'm familiar with 3 Rivers. In fact , hubby and I ate I think @ River View - a restaurant right on the river, several years ago. It was great but, the road up to Seqouia from there is *ell! So, this area is a no go on Friday. May take the crazy road down and stop on the way home. I'll research these other places for the road up. How about the Purple Potato in Hanford?
        BTW, pouring and foggy down here but, just how I like it. Looking forward to our little cabin in Grant's Grove!

        Purple Potato
        601 W 7th St, Hanford, CA 93230

      3. If you like Mexican take Hwy 63 north out of Visalia to Cutler-Orosi and go to La Esperanza. Get the Espe Chips, loaded with chile verde, queso, and tomatillo salsa, muy fantastico. It's also a much friendlier drive than 245 through Badger. Six miles north 63 jags left a mile into Orange Cove then north again just 4 miles to Hwy 180.

        La Esperanza, 12786 Railroad Dr, Cutler, CA. Tel: 559-528-2414

        Reedley has a great spot:

        Jon's Bear Club
        1695 E Manning Ave
        Reedley, CA 93654-2363
        (559) 638-2396

        La Esperanza
        12786 Railroad Dr, Cutler, CA 93615

        Jon's Bear Club
        1695 E Manning Ave, Reedley, CA 93654