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Oct 5, 2010 10:04 PM

Best BBQ in St. Louis ????

Hello all, returning to SL this week and was wondering what are some of the best bbq joints around? have not been there in 5 years.

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  1. You're going to get a passel of replies sending you to Pappy's, which is just off Olive Street a block east of Compton. Worth the long lines, I assure you.

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    1. re: lemons

      No further place to look than Pappy's. There is a good place in the "Grove' area. Flavor's. However they were temp closed due to some sidewalk issue. Not sure if they are open or not.
      DO NOT let the long lines at Pappy's discourage. Going off peak is suggested.


      1. re: lemons

        Just to make certain no-one makes lemons a liar, since she is among our most reliable reporters on this site, I will pile on to the passel and urge you to go to Pappy's. The ribs are spectacular, even without sauce, the sides are first-rate, and the crowd is very good-natured. You will be, too.

              1. re: wekick

                Well folks, after many trips to Pappy's and PM BBQ in Chesterfield (believe it or not), both of which I find to be very good, I finally got to Smoki- O's. Wow. Such great bbq - brisket was tender, wonderfully flavorful, and great sauce. Ditto for the pulled pork, it may have even been better. I know this place is not a secret, but probably fewer people go there. Not the best area, but fine during the day, about 5 blocks north of the Jones Dome on Broadway. Owners very congenial. There are stools and a counter to dine in, but probably best a take-out place.

      2. Ropers: best BBQ in town

        1. not the best, but if stuck by the airport with limited time, a chain called Bandanas ain't too bad. they do get the dry rub and smoke right. (ok I was with my aunt who gets nervous venturing into the city)

          1. I literally just ate there an hour ago and have this to say about my lunch. I had the 2 meat plate ( brisket and pulled pork) and immediately found that I should have ordered the ribs. While the brisket was soft and matched well with the "hot bbq" sauce, the pork tasted dry without being drowned in sauce (sweet bbq). Having seen the ribs all around me the size of the ribs along with a great $12.99 price point for a half rack ($19.99 full rack), it seemed to me that the ribs are the way to go.

            FYI, I had the cole slaw and deep friend corn on the cob as my sides. Both were just ok but did not detract from the quality of the lunch.

            Food: 7/10
            Decor: 6/10
            Time for food after ordering: 45 seconds
            Friendliness: 9/10
            Price: 9/10

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            1. re: Sushi Otaku

              I just don't get the deep-fried corn, myself, but the beans are first-rate. And the sweet potato fries...dangerous.

              1. re: lemons

                deep fried corn? I didn't see THAT, but the breaded okra is ok..not a destination unless you're stranded at our airport.

                1. re: lemons

                  Edit: oops...thought you were referring to Pappy's. Still don't get the corn, but B's doesn't have sweet potato fries.

                  1. re: lemons

                    Okay, so let's make sure we've got this straight: Sushi Otaku went to Bandana's, not Pappy's, correct? Herein lies the danger of the way in which posts are laid out. Always a good idea to make sure the post gives enough info to be clearly understood.