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Oct 5, 2010 08:30 PM

London for 4 days

Hi, my husband and I are taking a "babymoon" to Europe and will be in London for 4 days this month. I haven't been there in 10 years since I studied there one summer in college, so I could really use some updated (and more sophisticated) recommendations since my time there.

We're staying near the Holburn tube station but definitely will be traveling around the city. Would love to sample a good variety of food we can't get back home, but definitely at least one of each of these types:

1. Indian
2. Tea
3. Fish & Chips / Pub food
4. Chinese / Dim Sum
5. Any other good local ethnic food

Which restaurants are near other London hotspots / potential tourist stops? Thanks in advance for your recommendations!

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  1. If you searched this board for each of those items, you would bring up everything you need - there are many many threads on all those subjects.

    1. As Theresa suggested you can always search the boards for views; just to start you off, here's mine...

      1. Indian - careful as this covers over 20 different regional cuisines...not including BCH - British Curry House! SO you might want to give us a little more info. as to what you are looking for; Moghul, South Indian Veg., Bengali Fish, Keralan Fish, etc.

      2. Tea - I guess you mean Afternoon Tea...the Ritz, Claridges, The Dorchester, Browns and The Berkeley are generally regarded as the classic destinations. I would suggest that you also look at Bea's of Bloomsbury, The Wolseley and Brumus at the Haymarket.

      3. There is a significant number of Gastropubs in London (a recent phenomenon - since you were last here) and these are distinct from the Fish & Chips category. For Fish & Chips, I would recommend The Golden Hind in Marylebone. For Gastropubs, I would recommend The Running Footman in Mayfair or The Anchor & Hope in Waterloo.

      4. For Dim Sum, I would recommend Pearl Liang in Paddington or Yauatcha in Soho. For Chinese, I would recommend Royal China Club in Baker Street or Hakkasan in Fitzrovia.

      5. I would suggest that you try Turkish, Iranian, Lebanese which are readily available in central London. If you head out to the suburbs, you can try Sri Lankan, Gujarati, Afghani or Portugese. Please DO NOT try any Tex-Mex if you get home sick...

      Do look through the past posts and then come back with questions and hop you have a great trip!

        1. near holborn (again, do a search as lots of local recommendations will come up) you should have a look at 28:50 on fetter lane which is a new wine bar that has a great wine list and decent food.

          you can also walk up into clerkenwell where bistro bruno loubet (french, not on your list so may not be what you want) and the modern pantry (fusion, are both worth a visit.

          1. Thanks everyone - great recommendations! Leaving tonight so we'll take these with us on the plane and figure things out when we get there. (and definitely NO tex-mex) :)

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              Modern Pantry (mentioned above) is esp nice for brunch and is a nice pleasant walk from Holborn down Theobalds/ClerkenwellRd...i also agree w/ Bea's of Bloomsbury as a lovely casual (sort of studenty) place to get some coffee/tea and scones...

              I haven't explored many of London's Indian places yet, but if you happen to find yourself near the Westbourne Grove part of Notting Hill, the food at Durbur is excellent (it's on Hereford Rd)...

              Also near Westbourne Grove, The Cow is a nice casual gastropub w/ a fantastic seafood stew...

              One of my fav pubs is in central Soho: the Crown and Two Chairmen, on Dean St...nice fish&chips, nice staff, comfy chairs, good location...

              I'd recommend walking over to Clerkenwell one could snack in the bar area of St. John...and/or go to Vinoteca across the street...

              the dimsum at Royal China gets some mixed reviews here...i've only been to the Queensway/Bayswater branch, but it's been enjoyable enough for a dimsum fix albeit w/ a miss or two here and there...for other Chinese, i'm fond of Emperess of Sichuan in Chinatown...

              If you want Thai, do not eat it in Central London, anywhere...but if you hop the District Line to Stamford Brook station, Thai 101 is excellent...

              For Vietnamese, you could try Cay Tre on Old St, or do a search here for some other chowhound favs...

              And, should you want a very romantic upscale Spanish dinner w/ a stunning wine list to choose from: Cambio de Tercio in S.Ken/Brompton is worth the distance from the Holborn