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Oct 5, 2010 08:27 PM

best Jersey Shore souvenir

Hi all!
I'm going abroad in a couple of weeks and I need to bring some souvenirs that will best represent the Jersey Shore. I was thinking maybe salt water taffy? What's the best place to find it? I thought about pork roll, but I don't think it'd be wise to try to bring it overseas! Any other recommendations + where I could find them? Thanks!

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  1. When I think of taffy, I think of Atlantic City. James salt water taffy to be exact! Have not had the stuff in years!

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      Fralinger's Original Salt Water Taffy is what comes to mind for me. If you (friends or family abroad) are a fan of the new HBO series * Boardwalk Empire *, that's the Salt Water Taffy store they feature in the series when they show the boardwalk scenes.

    2. Pork Roll and Fluke are the local "delicacies" that come to mind, but I'm quite certain neither travels very well (particularly the latter).

      Taffy works and is available for a couple more weeks at many places up and down the coast.

      A litte less obvious, but truly an old school, local Jersey treat is Laird's Applejack. I know it's made ten miles from the ocean, but really???

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        If only they made pork roll- and fluke-flavored taffy...that would solve the problem!

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          Not a lot of folks know that Lairds is the country's oldest continuously operating distillery.

          Pretty much every bar in the country has an obligatory dusty old bottle of applejack on their shelf that they likely purchased when they first opened... :-)

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            I wonder if there were any way to ship Kohr's ice cream> board walk pizza from Little Nicky's in North Wildwood, zeppoli, curley's fries from the Wildwood boardwalk, Browns Restaurant donuts from Ocean City, Johnsons Caramel corn from Ocean City.

            ohh oohhh or a "fudgy wudgey" with a little bit of sand in the creases of the wrapper!

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              Laird's no longer distills in NJ- all production was moved to their Virginia facility in the 1970's (according to an interview with Lisa Laird Dunn, VP of Laird, in Bryson's "New Jersey Breweries".)

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                As if contemplating pork roll & fluke flavored taffy was not vile enough. Now this.

          2. Don't know where you'll be at the Shore, but the Fudge shop in my town (just north of Asbury Park) has great fudge, carmel and a vg salt water taffy.

            Here's a link and reviews....


            1. You could always buy some frozen Windmill Dogs, and pack them in dry ice for the plane trip. Nothing is more recognizable of this area than a Windmill dog in the summer