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Oct 5, 2010 07:46 PM

what do you call a big wad of apricots? and where can I get one?

Silly me, I thought a giant package of mashed-up and pressed apricots would be "slab apricots." Now I find that slab apricots are actually big fat delicious individual dried apricots. So I'm still looking for what I found last year at Christina's spices in Cambridge, which was a large package of apricot, apparently mashed together and flattened, in a shiny wrapped package. It was from somewhere in the middle east -- perhaps Turkey? Really good flavor. The whole thing was like a giant piece of fruit leather. Any leads? Christina's doesn't carry it any more.

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  1. why not ask someone at the store? they might at least be able to give you a brand or distributor name.

    1. I've seen them at Middle Eastern markets on the same shelf as the mashed up dates in shiny packages!! I've always wanted to try both but haven't yet. What did you make with it/them?

      1. Look for apricot paste. (You can also get this with mango -- sometimes they have it at Indian stores.)

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          This is what I would look for. I remember the first time my father brought some home. This was way back in the day, probably around 1967. He got it from an old Turkish guy. It was probably a little thicker than your typical fruit leather of today, and came in bigger sheets. But damn, was that stuff good. When I got some at visiting day at camp, the other kids swarmed me for it.

          Dad was quite the chowhound.

        2. We carry that, it's listed as Apricot Bread. There's no bread, just pressed apricot pieces. About 5 x 5 x 2" if that's the stuff I'm thinking of. BTW I work in a health food store so you could try the ones in your local area. We keep ours in the deli.

          Double checked the brand is Matiz. Hope that helps.

          1. here's the "apricot bread" piano boy mentioned:


            did yours have almonds in it?

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              That's getting close, for sure. Mine didn't have almonds (although I wouldn't object to them) and it was rectangular.
              Piano boy -- thanks for a brand name. I will check around.

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                oh, i'd love to eat that with some manchego -- or other spanish cheese from the region of extremadura.

                look at the wonderful foods of extremadura!