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Oct 5, 2010 06:38 PM

Santa fe Thanksgiving

Does anyone have any good recommendations for Thanksgiving dinner in Santa Fe?

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  1. Just checked the SF free paper for you: no one is placing ads for T-day dinner yet. I know this comes up here though about every year, so you might want to dig around in a search to see what others have done in the past.

    A big problem is that most of us locals eat with friends and family: while Thanksgiving Dinner is one of my favorites to eat at a restaurant, I just am not able to get away with that very often (last time was 15 years ago or so) because of family obligations.

    I'll keep an eye out and post here if any ads look good. Meantime, you might consider calling these restaurants (numbers are easily Google-able) and ask if they're doing anything for T-day: The Compound, Geronimo, Martin, Trattoria Nostrani. I think any of those would give you a very nice experience - but I have no idea whether they're serving on that day w/o seeing an ad or talking to them.

    Trattoria Nostrani
    304 Johnson Street, Santa Fe, NM 87501

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    1. As Erich said it is too soon for there to be any advertising for Thanksgiving.

      Know, though, that all of the top-tier, "better" restaurants WILL be open mostly because a holiday weekend brings visitors to town. Some restaurants will have only a special, price fixe menu while others will serve Holiday items in addition to their regular menu.

      As to where I go... if I'm not cooking at home (often the case since there are only two of us), I choose Ristra.

      Cooking is very good, service is professional and the restaurant feels like being in a home. Restaurant is in a building that once was a residence. It is several smaller rooms rather than a larger, commercial feeling place which, for us, is better on a Holiday. Mostly twos and fours dining; never have seen a table of eight with restless kids. Doesn't mean that the owners would not be willing to accommodate such a party, however. I tend to see people I know at other tables. Last couple of years, the owner of Sage Bakehouse has been at the next table.

      My reservation is usually around 5 p.m. and the restaurant is never full to capacity at that hour. Thanksgiving weekend is often when the first snow flurries fall which adds to things.

      1. Does anyone have any Santa Fe Thanksgiving recommendations yet?

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          Use Open Table. Plug in your time and it will list those restaurants with TG available.

        2. My husband and I will be spending Thanksgiving in Santa Fe for the third time. Our anniversary falls on Thanksgiving Day this year. We have reservations at SantaCafe, where we dined last year, and loved it. Mid to late afternoon the restaurant was busy, but not so packed that service was hampered. The food and wine were just outstanding. Love to window shop around the Plaza on that day...

          1. La Casa Sena is open from 3/8 on TG for ala carte or prix fixe. They also offer TG to go.
            Go and dine on the patio.

            La Casa Sena @ 125 East Palace Avenue, Santa Fe, NM 505 - 988 - 9232.

            La Casa Sena
            125 East Palace Avenue, Santa Fe, NM 87501

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              Sorry to say Littleman you do NOT want an outdoor patio anywhere in Santa Fe around Thanksgiving. IT'S COLD HERE NOW !

              I don't know of a restaurant still serving outside. Daytime temperatures are now low 50's/high 40's with overnight lows at 28. First snow is forecast (albeit light) for tomorrow evening

              1. re: fyfas

                Thanks FYFAS............I am used to visit in October. I thought it might be OK in November. Oh Well Good luck.

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                  You are completely right. The cold weather has started already, about a couple weeks earlier than last year. Gloves, scarves, warm coats -- lows are now forecast around 20 or lower some evenings. Chocolate Maven is serving Thanksgiving Dinner -- good local place, but you need a car to get there. 821 San Mateo Rd. 505 984 1980. Chef there used to own Tulips on Guadalupe St.