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Oct 5, 2010 03:12 PM

PYO Rhode Island Greening apples?

Does anyone know of any pick-your-own apple orchards that have Rhode Island Greening apples? Preferably in the Stow area?

Tried this variety last year and loved it but I don't know much about it, much less whether any of the orchards in the area grow it.


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  1. Neither of these two options is that close to Stow, but...

    I've bought RI Greenings from Keown Orchards at the Dewey Square farmer's market. You can pick your own at their orchard in Sutton.

    Kimball Fruit Farm's website also lists RI Greening, but I haven't seen any at their farmer's market stand this year. Makes me wonder if it's a biannual and this isn't their year. You can pick your own there too.

    If you haven't yet, check out -- although unfortunately there is no way to search by apple variety.

    Good luck!

    1. We always get them at Autumn Hills Orchard in Groton. Many varieties in addition to the RI Grennings, and they use integrated pest management, so little/no spraying. No hayrides/donuts/etc, just great apples and a great view. Also, they charge you by the pound, not by the bag, which I prefer.

      Autumn Hills Orchard
      495 Chicopee Row, Groton, MA

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      1. re: Science Chick

        Just an update....we went out there yesterday and they were cleaned out of almost everything. Got some golden delicious.

      2. I pick some about 3 weeks ago at Nashoba Valley Winery in Bolton, so I think they are probably done for the season, unless you find somewhere a bit to the north. But I highly recommend Nashoba they have a lot of older apple varieties that are PYO.

        Plus you can get fruit wines and hard cider as well. They tend to get busy but they varieties of apples are great.

        1. It's a great cooking apple--really holds its form well. There were some at the farmer's market at Gov Center last night, Keough Orchards maybe...

          1. This doesn't quite answer your question, but Wilson Farm has had them for the past few weeks. Can't pick them, but you can buy them.

            Wilson Farm
            10 Pleasant St, Lexington, MA 02421