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Oct 5, 2010 02:52 PM

Best Immersion Blender

Am going to purchase a new one and am deciding between--


Thoughts on which one is the best?

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  1. I purchased the Bamix a couple months ago and I'm really disappointed. It's great for mayo and cream and light weight stuff but the 'chopper' attachment is just bent metal with nothing resembling blades. Plus it weighs in at about five pounds. My 12 year old Braun did a much better/quicker job at pureeing vegetable soups, (my main use) before it kicked the bucket.

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      I use a Braun that I paid 4 bucks for at a thrift store. I only use it to puree vegetable soups, refried beans, etc.

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        Carminabee, which Bamix did you have? I have WS"s new 'professional' model and it's great! Use it to grind coffee and gets it to a fine grind each time. Have also used it to make peanut butter. Love the small compact size of the blades.

        Haven't tried pureeing soup yet though.

        1. re: carminabee

          I have an old Braun that seems very under powered. I also have a Bamix Gastro and it purees soup like a champ.

          My wife has had a problem with TMJ and I've made many soups recently that were pureed with the Bamix in the pot.

          I have had good results with the multipurpose chopping blade Bamix, calls the "mincer", you described as bent metal. You can also get the S shaped blade called the "superchopper from Bamix for $12.

          If you're looking for power I would also consider the Waring Pro WSB50 @ 750 W or WSB40 @ 350 W