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Oct 5, 2010 02:18 PM

Medium places near Henderson

We will be visiting friends that live in Henderson in a couple of weeks and we're looking for a nice but not super expensive place nearby for a Friday dinner. Since I'm the acknowledged 'foodie' they always let me pick where we dine. Last time we went to Hanks Steakhouse and it was wonderful but we're going to the strip Sat. night. Any kind of food is acceptable.


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  1. Two suggestions: Todds Unique Dinning orTable 34. Both have specials each day. Todds is the best in Henderson in my opinion and usually has some great wine selections. Cost is less then Hanks.

    Other is Ventano.

    1. I also recommend Todd's. Great seafood flown in daily or if beef is your thing try the short rib or skirt steak.

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        I concur with recommendations of Todd's and Ventano. For something a little different, check out Sabor on Stephanie Street near Sunset Station. The restaurant, like Ventano's, offers We dined at Sabor last week and here are my comments from my trip report:

        Shortly after our arrival, Chef/owner Scott Sabor came to our table to welcome us and offer a few recommendations. We started with complimentary housemade tortilla chips served with a trio of delicious dips - cilantro salsa, black bean and a chili sauce. For an appetizer we chose to share a chicken mole tamale steamed in banana leaf. Ann ordered the coconut crusted Ahi tuna served rare with a fresh coconut and pumpkin seed sauce, mint rice and broccoli. I took the chef’s suggestion and ordered Guajillo scallops; four sea scallops rubbed with quajillo (chile) before being sautéed and finished with roasted sweet corn, caramelized onions and sundried tomatoes. We concluded the meal with a piece of flan accompanied by a rich and flavorful housemade caramel sauce. Rating of 4.5 out of 5.

        We also dined at Bernard's Bistro, another participant, in MonteLago Village at Lake Las Vegas. Here are my comments on our brunch and dinner:

        This small Cali-French restaurant offers an expansive patio overlooking both the lake and concert venue. It was very hot this evening so we opted for an inside table near the bar. We were provided menus and a basket of warm, crusty bread. Ann chose the pistachio crusted salmon with lavender sauce and pesto mashed potatoes. My entrée was Provencal seafood (shrimp, scallops and mussels) in a lobster Creole sauce with spinach/cheese ravioli. Both entrees were delicious. 4 Forks out of 5

        We returned for the weekend brunch; securing a table overlooking both the lake and village on a gorgeous morning. We were served warm crusty bread and a complimentary glass of champagne; the Westies were living large this AM. Ann chose quiche Lorraine which included a bountiful mesclun salad garnished with a strawberry and a cantaloupe wedge. The quiche was the best we have ever experienced, but I was only allowed one small sample. I ordered the Caribbean Chicken salad served over mesclun greens and garnished with large wedges of ripe cantaloupe and papaya. 4.5 Forks

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          Thanks for your information. We have Friday night reservations at Vertano and Sat night at Todd's.

          If I'm still sober and not in a food induced coma afterwords (I think we're going to a buffet on Sunday mornnig!!!), I'll report back my thoughts on these two places.

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            We went to Ventano Friday night and had a very enjoyable dinner. The food, while not outstanding was very acceptable and everyone enjoyed their meals. The dining room is very nice with a great ‘Italian’ feel. The view from the windows was wonderful. The service was okay, not the best but certainly not horrible. All in all we enjoyed out dining experience.

            On Saturday we went to Todd’s Unique Dining. Now this was an experience!! We had a wonderful waitress (Wanda) who certainly enhanced our dining experience. The Martini’s were wonderful but the food was definitely exceptional!! We ordered Filet, Skirt Steak on Fire, Duck and Short Ribs. We all tasted everyone else’s and all were in agreement on how wonderful everything was.

            The highlight was the sauces. I had the Skirt Steak and the rich spicy sauce was wonderful. Fortunately I love spicy and while this was fairly high on the heat scale, it did not detract from the wonderful steak flavor. If you can’t do spicy, skip this one. The Short Ribs and Filets were equally good, but the Duck was wonderful. Tender and with a really great sauce. I can’t wait to go back and try the Hanger steak!!!

            Thanks for the recs hounds!!