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Oct 5, 2010 02:14 PM

VillageVines - Has anyone used it to make discounted food reservations in NYC

My friend just booked a dinner reservarion for us tomorrow night at Artisinal and paid $10 for an offer of 25% off the entire bill, including alcohol. They offer many choices and seems to good to be true. Hounds - has anyone register at this site and used the savings code with satisfactory results?

I've listed the instructions, per :

How to Enjoy Your VillageVines Meal:

When you show up for your reservation, simply remind the host / hostess that you made your booking through VillageVines.
Please remember to tip on the pre-discounted bill – just because you got a great deal doesn't mean their staff didn't work as hard!
You can adjust or cancel your booking up to two hours before your reservation time from your My Account page. If your cancellation is made at least two hours in advance, your booking fee will be credited to your VillageVines account.
That's it - enjoy your meal!

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