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Oct 5, 2010 01:23 PM

Blackstar pub

I see that they are open and have an interesting menu. Has anyone tried them yet? I am suspicious of their Ratiional and Irrational beers. Do they sell other, more conventional beers than the ones that they brew. Thanks, J.

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  1. I had a few beers there this past weekend. A friend got the fish and chips, which were really delicious. They use redfish which I've never seen before as a fish (of fish and). It was dark outside so I couldn't really tell what the batter looked like, but it was flaky and the fish was so moist it was practically melting on my tongue. The chips are not true English style, more like flat dominoe-esque shapes, not that crispy but still tasty. That all was served with a zesty malt vinegar aoili. Other menu items looks promising, although the person running food said the grilled cheese is "meh." The burgers looked like the squatty, fatty kind resembling more of a meatball than patty.

    They aren't serving their own beers yet. We paid $14 for a pitcher of Live Oak Pils or $4.50 for a glass (not sure if its a pint). Lots of other selections, but I didn't look too closely.

    The decor sucks, quite frankly. Reminded me of a sterile hip yogurt shop. They don't have much seating, everyone is spaced apart. They ran into a furniture problem said the food runner.

    I'll be back though cause it's a leisurely walk or quick bike ride away from the house, or right off the 1M/1L stop if you feel so inclined.

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      Thanks. I don't believe I will be rushing over there, much less joining the coop.

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        it is worth noting that the high beer prices have tip included. at least that is what they told me when i tried to tip.

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          oh yeah - all prices include tax and tip. tips are not accepted. all the staff get paid the living wage

          regarding the prices to be a members - i believe it will go up from $85 to 100 something once they have their grand opening, i.e. make their own beers available for purchase and get furniture