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Oct 5, 2010 12:56 PM

South End Chef Boots Whiny Patron

Thought this was interesting and wanted to share. In my opinion, this diner should have been kicked out. What do you all think? Also, how has Tremont 647 been lately? It's been years since I've been. Updates on the food/service would be good.

Tremont 647
647 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02118

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  1. I tend to believe that the customer is NOT always right. Sometimes action needs to be taken, and in this case, it certainly sounded like Andy Husbands did the right thing.

      1. I wonder what would happen if you ordered a hamburger cooked to a specific temperature, say 133 degrees, instead of ordering it say a medium rare?

        1. Awesome! There is the aspect of freedom of speech, but the way that customer was acting was more like shouting fire in a crowded place.

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            How is there any aspect of freedom of speech in a restaurant? There isn't.

            Your right to free speech is to be protected from the GOVERNMENT suppressing it, not Andy husbands.

          2. Went there on a Tuesday $2 Taco night a month or two ago and had a terrible experience. We were seated quickly at the one remaining open table but it took 15 minutes before a waiter came by. We ordered two beers and some nachos. It took another 25 minutes before the beers came out. When we inquired about the delay ("Do you know if our beers are coming out soon?"), she told us the bartender was simply backed up. We contemplated just leaving at that point, but we'd already invested 40 minutes and were thirsty. When the beers finally arrived (2 bottles of Dos Equis they were running as a special for about $3), we asked her if we could just put the order in for another round now so that they might have a chance of arriving earlier (in my head, I'm thinking this would be better than waiting to get her attention after finishing the first round, then ordering a second and waiting another 20 minutes for it to arrive). The waitress rolled her eyes and flat out refused to do it. We said we'd be a lot happier if she could just put the order in now because we're gonna drink the first round pretty quickly anyway. She rolled her eyes again, crossed her arms, said "fine," and then stormed off. Second round of beers arrived one minute later with a loud thud on our table. Nachos arrived a full hour into this whole ordeal, and we'd finished both rounds before they did. We were not asked if we wanted a third. We ate half the soggy nachos and decided not to come back.

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              I'm sorry, and this has _what_ to do with this thread?

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                galleygirl: the OP also asked this : " Also, how has Tremont 647 been lately? It's been years since I've been. " So Mike5966 is only answering that question.

                Tremont 647
                647 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02118

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                  My bad; I apologize, Mike....
                  The whiny patron story just distracted me!