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Oct 5, 2010 12:19 PM

Experiences w/ Swanson's Stock (boxed)

Any experiences with Swanson's Beef or Chicken Stocks? I usually make my own stock but sometimes I am in a pich and need something quick. I've seen these in my store but haven't tried them. Good results?

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  1. Swanson's and College Inn are pretty watery IMO. For a boxed stock, I prefer Imagine brand, probably found in the organic section of your store. There's also Better Than Bouillon soup base which comes in a glass jar and lasts a good long time in the fridge. It's great if you just need a teaspoonful or so to enrich a gravy, but I've been known to make a whole pot of soup with it. I can recommend the chicken, but I did not care for the mushroom.

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      +1 (or 10!) on Better than bouillon. I can also recommend the vegan no-chicken variety and the beef variety. Use it all the time in soup, sauce, and risotto.

      1. re: LauraGrace

        Another recommendation for the BTB bases. Though it's still plenty salty, it is less so than other bouillons. They make a reduced sodium version of their chicken and beef bases but unfortunately not the whole line. Not only is BTB of good quality, but I appreciate the more compact storage and lesser weight, as regards cupboard and fridge space, and toting groceries home. I make 3 qts of soup most weeks, so I go through a lot of this stuff. I'll make stock from scratch if making chicken noodle soup, for the sake of the gelatin, but for bean, chowder, or pureed soups it's BTB.

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          I like swanson's reduced sodium 99% fat free and I also love the Better than Boullion. Sometimes I will just add a tbls of the BTB to the Swanson's.

    2. Cooks Illustrated rates Swanson's organic free range chicken broth as "best" in their taste tests. Their other varieties will be different.

      I've used Pacific boxed chicken broth with some regularity and good results. I never did a side-by-side comparison with Swanson's Free Range though.

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        I like Swanson's organic alot. I've never found it to be watery. I've used BTB beef base too
        I generally have chicken stock in the freezer but again, in a pinch, Swanson's is very good!

      2. The last couple of times I used Swansons' stock it had a strange medicine-y aftertaste to it. I usually keep Better Than Bouillon around instead, or if I need a light broth for something quick I buy the Butterball brand.

        1. Swanson's Chicken BROTH (I believe they now have Chicken STOCK out which I haven't tried, nor know what the difference is) is my "go to" when I don't have my own homemade chicken broth on hand. I buy it in the recloseable cartons & find it invaluable for general cooking, impromptu soups, & as a hot beverage just on its own. It's not at all salty & has a nice chicken flavor. I'm talking about the regular Swanson's broth here - NOT the organic, which I find weak, watery, & flavorless.

          Even better than Swanson's is/was Progresso's chicken broth in a carton, but I believe they may have stopped producing that as I haven't seen it in any of our local markets in quite some time, which is a shame. Lately Progresso seems to be discontinuing all of the products I loved - first their "Pepper Salad", now their broths. I must not be in their marketing research circle, even though I used to purchase both of these items like they were going out of style.

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            I'm glad you made the distinction between BROTH and STOCK.

            I, too, am interested in experiences with Swanson's Chicken STOCK. It is on sale this week and I bought two cartons in hope that is good.

          2. I use Better than Bouillon as well; I can vouch for the beef and chicken varieties. For dishes where the broth will be more of the star of the show, I like Pacific brand and the 365 brand from Whole Foods.