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Visting Manchester, NH - need a dinner and a breakfast rec

emoore Oct 5, 2010 11:49 AM

We will be passing through Manchester this weekend and are looking for dinner recommendations for Sunday night and breakfast recommendations for Monday morning.
I am particularly interested in places that focus on local, seasonal foods. We are both pescatarians (ie vegetarians that do eat fish) - so no steak houses, but seafood is great. Almost any ethnic food is a possibility, though I live in Texas, so no Mexican or Tex-Mex recommendations please. Hopefully not too fancy, we are packing light and that doesn't include dress clothes.

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    gwendolynmarie RE: emoore Oct 5, 2010 02:09 PM

    For emphasis on local- Republic or Richard's Bistro for dinner, for respect of vegetables and quality- Cafe Momo, Jewell and the Beanstalk for breakfast.

    Cafe Momo
    1065 Hanover St, Manchester, NH 03104

    Richard's Bistro
    36 Lowell St Ste 1, Manchester, NH 03101

    1. whs RE: emoore Oct 5, 2010 06:54 PM

      Republic is a good choice for Sunday night, though they close at 8pm. An alternative would be Pho Golden Bowl--if you like Vietnamese, their vegetarian salad with tofu packs a kick. We also love Cafe Momo for Nepalese. Breakfast--hmmm...well I guess poutine is vegetarian--try Chez Vachon, a Franco-American diner on the west side. Otherwise, Julien's on Bridge Street is a nice breakfast place.


      Cafe Momo
      1065 Hanover St, Manchester, NH 03104

      1. greygarious RE: emoore Oct 5, 2010 07:15 PM

        I drive 45 minutes from Massachusetts to go to my favorite Chinese place, Chen Yang Li, in Bedford NH (stone's throw from the Manchester line). My favorites there are 1) Sunkist Scallops and Walnuts, which are marshmallow-sized scallops in a General Gau's-like sauce, with walnuts, broccoli, and dried chili pods, and 2) Two Brothers' Special Shrimp, which also has broccoli,and large butterflied shrimp with a very thin crisp coating, in a creamy, citrusy sauce. Chen Yang Li is very elegant looking for a Chinese restaurant, but the prices are in line with other Chinese places, and the portions are very generous, served on beautifully-garnished plates. http://chenyangli.com/Bedford/index.html

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          lexpatti RE: emoore Oct 6, 2010 07:17 PM

          my vote would be either Republic on Elm St. or Richard's Bistro on Lowell St. (just a block off Elm) - both have several options with local farm to table. Richard's has a bread basket to die for.

          I'm not usually in Manch at breakfast time, but one time was painting and we LOVED Julien's on Bridge St. Also great diner food (and an icon in Manch) is The Red Arrow Diner on Lowell St. (almost across from Richards). Have fun.

          Red Arrow Diner
          61 Lowell St, Manchester, NH 03101

          Richard's Bistro
          36 Lowell St Ste 1, Manchester, NH 03101

          1. p
            peku RE: emoore Oct 9, 2010 04:27 AM

            I second Jewell & the Beanstalk breakfast. Make sure you check out the white board specials before you order. The most difficult part about eating there is deciding what you want!

            1. e
              emoore RE: emoore Oct 14, 2010 11:22 AM

              Thanks for all the suggestions. We ate dinner at Cafe Momo. We split the following dishes - flat bread, vegetarian momos, the brown man special (am I remembering that name right?) and rice pudding.
              -The flat bread was flecked with fresh herbs and served warm. I really liked the dipping sauce served with it. Our best guess was that it was cilantro pureed in olive oil.
              -I don't really have much to compare the momos to. We really liked them, though we couldn't really identify what was in the filling. The hot dipping sauce was delicious.
              -The entree was scallops and shrimp served with veggies and very lightly dressed with a mildly hot sauce. (we ordered medium heat, not knowing what we were in for, I would order hot next time, as I found the medium to be rather mild) I had never had Nepalese food before, and I really didn't know what to expect. The flavors were pretty familiar and I would recommend the entree that we ordered to someone that was timid about new flavors. If I ever find myself in Manchester again, I would like to experiment with some other dishes. I do agree that their treatment of vegetables was very good. Our entree came with a mix including (let's see if I remember this correctly) broccoli, green beans, zucchini, carrots, onions, bell peppers and a few hot peppers. They were cooked perfectly crisp. So often restaurants seem to hide flaws by drowning vegetables in butter (or worse, some butter flavored stuff), but that was not the case here. The sauce was applied very lightly and wasn't oily at all.
              -The rice pudding was delicious- the texture was perfectly creamy without being heavy. I really liked the addition of almonds. There were a few golden raisins mixed in and it seemed like a slight hint of citrus- maybe some orange zest.

              I really enjoyed trying out a new cuisine. The meal was satisfying without being heavy at all. My worst fear when traveling is being stuck with fried greasy food and overcooked mushy vegetables (if you are lucky enough to get veggies at all). Cafe Momos was a great find on our travels, and I would eat there regularly if I lived in the area. Thanks for the recommendation!

              Cafe Momo
              1065 Hanover St, Manchester, NH 03104

              1. e
                emoore RE: emoore Oct 14, 2010 11:36 AM

                We had some trouble with our flights, so we had to eat breakfast in a hurry and get on the road. I was very hesitant to try the restaurant at our hotel. (I mean it is a restaurant at a hotel- blah) But we gave the Airport Diner a chance and it was certainly better then I expected. As I said we were in a hurry, so I just ordered a short stack of blueberry pancakes and a scrambled egg on the side. The egg was nothing to write home about, but the pancakes actually had real blueberries in them (not that blueberry gooey stuff that some pancake places serve on top). The pancakes also had a pleasant flavor and texture. I generally go for hearty whole grain type pancakes, which these weren't. But they also weren't the type of pancakes that dissolves when they touch syrup.

                Airport Diner
                2280 Brown Ave, Manchester, NH 03103

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                  whs RE: emoore Oct 14, 2010 04:33 PM

                  Thanks for reporting on your eats--Airport Diner is part of the Common Man group--they support a lot of good causes, so it's not like you were eating at some soulless corporate chain! http://www.thecman.com/

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