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Oct 5, 2010 11:33 AM

Best food term dictionary?

I have been looking for a food term dictionary. I borrowed Food Lover's Companion by Barron's. It is not bad at all. But there are some words I could not find. Any recommendation?

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  1. "The Cook's Thesaurus is a cooking encyclopedia that covers thousands of ingredients and kitchen tools. Entries include pictures, descriptions, synonyms, pronunciations, and suggested substitutions. "

    Covers a lot, but not all.

    1. The Food Lover's Companion has several editions, make sure you borrowed a recent one.

      1. Probably not exactly what you're looking for, but I've always found the Larousse Gastronomique to be useful. Then I have three other books I don't turn to nearly as often. They are, "The Cook's Catalog," "The Cook's International Catalog," and "Cook's Ingredients." I suspect I could get just about any of the information I can get from these on the web without lifting a humongous book like LarrouseG. Yay, internet! Seriously, if there is just one book that covers everything, I sure don't know about it.

        1. Larousse Gastronomique. You can find one used. A classic.

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            What pdxgastro said.:


            Thinking about this, I will try and get the French copy, just to boast.

          2. If you're looking for an on-line reference, I think that has a really good food dictionary. They also have a good drink dictionary.

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              Epicurious uses The Food Lovers Companion