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Oct 5, 2010 11:12 AM

dinner in Manyunk?

I am looking for a moderately priced restaurant in Manyunk for a Saturday evening. Any suggestions?

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  1. Il Tartufo was doing all its dinner entrees as fixed prices for lunch. We had a few and were very impressed... enough that I would pay full freight for dinner.

    1. I live in Manayunk, and frankly, there's not much going on for good food. The only truly decent meal at a moderate price is Chabba, which is a thai BYO and very good. Prices aren't too bad.

      Tartufo is good too. I've been there a couple of times. Better suited for a date than if you're going to be a bigger group. I typically drive to From the Boot instead of walking to Tartufo, but it's been about 6 months since I've eaten at Tartufo and it probably deserves another try. For my money in Manayunk it's Chabba, and my first culinary love is italian and i don't really like asian food.

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        I'll second the recommendation of Chaaba Thai- good food, nice atmosphere (sit in the upstairs room) and moderate prices. BYO makes it even more affordable.

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          I haven't really been out to Manayunk since I quit working there around a year ago, but unless things have changed there are plenty of "fine" meals that'll work when you're just hungry and close, but not a lot of really good ones that you should seek out.

          Chaaba Thai is definitely the exception. It's excellent food, a sweet space, and while it's slightly more expensive than some of the other Thai places in the city, it's also better and the BYO element evens out the prices (they aren't bad to begin with).

          I've also heard good things about Mango Moon (owned by the owner of Chaaba), but I haven't made it there.

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            I prefer Mango Moo, it has less traditional Thai. But if its noodles you want, then stick to Chaaba.

        2. I eat in Manayunk often too and I do second Chabaa. I also recommend Jake's/ Cooper's. With the addition of Cooper's and the fact that you can use get the casal menu at Jake's makes it very affordable.

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            Coopers/Jake's is definetely good too. My only word of caution if you plan on drinking in any quantity is that their wine is expensive! House wine at the half carafe is a good deal. You get a 2 glasses+ and it's just about the same price as the other wine by the glass.