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Oct 5, 2010 11:05 AM

Ranstead Room is Fantastic!

Although I live a mere five blocks away, I only recently discovered Ranstead Room. It's amazing! The bartenders take their craft extremely seriously, and the drinks are superb. I managed to sip my way through three of them, each one a glass of utter perfection. I especially like that all the drinks they serve with what would be ginger ale, they use fresh-squeezed ginger juice, simple syrup, lime, and soda. The ginger was actually spicy and the drink was delicious. The one I liked most was called penicillin.

I wish they offered a few more food options for those of us who can't walk in a straight line after three drinks on an empty stomach, but I get it -- it's a drinking place, not an eating place. I will definitely be back!

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    1. Agree with your review a lot, their ginger ale is amazing! However, I will raise two points:

      1. "The bartenders take their craft extremely seriously, and the drinks are superb." I'm not 100% sure about this, the bartenders at Franklin Mortgage or Village Whiskey or Oyster House are professionals but sometimes at Ranstead you'll have the waitress mixing cocktails or vice versa, and they're looking up ingredients from text books. They're super nice folks, but the drinks are several tiers below the best the city has to offer.

      2. You should try the food there, the guac and chips are so good, and really cheap.

      RR is definitely one of my favourite and most frequent haunts, if I had to rank its components in order, I'd say first it's the ambience, then the friendliness of the servers, then the food, and lastly the cocktails themselves.