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Oct 5, 2010 10:27 AM

Need 2 dinners and a lunch for Charleston SC

Coming in town Thursday to go to the ballgame in Columbia Saturday. We are looking for upper end dining, but with a fun bar scene/vibe - do not want anything real quiet and intimate (we get that enough!) But great food is a must - my other half is a fabulous cook and really appreciates a wonderful meal.

I have made reservations at Halls Chophouse for Thursday night and Charleston Grill for Friday night........but just not real sure about either. Not sure about the atmosphere at Charleston Grill.

Anyone have any suggestions. I also need a lunch place for Friday. Magnolia's? High Cotton?

We usually perfer a place with some character as to a place that is real modern - but a fun atmosphere and good food is #1.

Any ideas would be appreciated!

Charleston Grill
224 King Street, Charleston, SC 29401

Halls Chophouse
434 King St., Charleston, SC 29403

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  1. Charleston Grill is one of the finest restaurants in the SE US. I put it on a level with EMP in NYC. I would not dine there if you want a fun bar and nothing quiet and intimate. The atmosphere at CG is outstanding if you are celebrating an important event. If you want to drink and have fun you need to go somewhere else. Charleston Grill is my favorite Charleston Restaurant but I would not dine there if you are interested in a lively time. It's quiet. Peninsula Grill is also similar but not quite as formal. You might consider having drinks at your hotel bar and then have dinner at Peninsula Grill. I have high regards for PG. It is upscale but not quiet and intimate like CG.

    I would go to McCrady's. Eat at the bar if you prefer.

    Have lunch at High Cotton Friday or Magnolia's. Both are outstanding. Another fun place is the Southend Brewery for drinks and bar food.

    McCrady's @ 2 Unity Alley, Charleston, SC. 843 - 577 - 0025.
    High Cotton Maverick Bar and Grill @ 199 East Bay St., Charleston, SC. 843 - 724 - 3815.
    Magnolia's @ 185 E Bay St., Charleston, SC. 843 - 577 - 7771.
    Southend Brewery & Smokehouse @ 161 East Bay St., Charleston, SC. 843 - 853 - 4677.
    Peninsula Grill @ 112 North Market St., Charleston, SC 843 - 723 - 0700. * ***

    1. For your lunch option you might want to consider Cru Cafe, it is just a couple of blocks off the market. It is in a Charleston single house, has great food and has character. I'm not sure about the "fun" atmosphere, but everyone in the place is usually happy.

      I have not eaten at either Halls Chophouse or Charleston Grill, but from what I know you might want to consider changing your reservations. If you are looking for something fun and lively, I'm not sure either fits the bill. I would consider going to Mc Crady's and FIG if I were you. Both restaurants source ingredients locally, Mc Crady's even has it's own farm, and both restaurants are excellent. Both places have a good bar scene, Mc Crady's has been doing some fun stuff with prohibition style cocktails, and I believe you could even eat at the bar at both restaurants as well.