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Oct 5, 2010 10:19 AM

Bevmo 5 cent sale- Fall 2010

Has anyone found any bottles worth buying? I'm heading to Scottsdale for a month's rental and would like to stock up on some of the higher priced wines, if they are worthy.

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  1. Pretty slim pickings. I searched under the Scottsdale store. I'd try the Chalone pinot noir, Columbia Crest Riesling, Renwood zin and Rosenblum syrah.

    1. I bought the Schug '08 Carneros Chardonnay on the last sale and was very pleased with it. At $13.52 a bottle it's one of the few wines on the 5ยข sale I can tell you is a very good deal price-wise and a good wine as well. Nice fruit, and a bit of a toasty quality, but not overly oaked. Just the way I like it. YMMV It's back again.