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Oct 5, 2010 08:47 AM

Best offal in paris/lyon?

Hello all, I will be traveling through paris, lyon and much of southern france in the coming weeks. Main reason for going is to find as much offal as I can.

Are there any specific restaurants or areas or markets that should not be missed?

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  1. In Paris, Chez Grenouille, rue Blanche in the 9th is good. Haven't been there for a while, but Le Rubis, rue du marché saint-honoré in the 2nd does a good tête de veau every tuesday, I think.

    1. Check out Ribouldingue near St Michel in Paris, much underused stuff.

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        I just thought of this:

        It may not be the kind of thing you were thinking of, but they serve a really good tripe soup at Mardin Corbu Salonu. This is a Turkish, or Kurdish (I'm not sure which) joint at 19 rue du Faubourg Saint Denis. They only serve soup. Lentil soup, chicken soup, yoghurt soup, a bean "chourba", and the tripe . Each dish is served with a mountain of Tukish bread, slices of lemon, fresh hot green peppers that you crunch into between each mouthful. You can also add olive oil and a sort of Turkish take on mint sauce - minced garlic in vinegar. In the summer they serve their own ayran, a yoghurt drink.

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          Awww, I love Turkish food. This is right up my allée.

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            You should. Not wishing to patronize, but it's full of men, and can seem a little intimidating, but the guys who work there are really very nice - the Trouble n Strife eats there all the time.

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            Chez Grenouille, has been consistently terrific for me and Colette, in my experience it's tough to find a place with abats and lady-food;
            I've not had such luck at Ribouldingue and stopped going.

          3. A place of belle epoque beauty in the Les Halles area that serves tripe and kidneys is La Pharamond. I never went until just a few years back when it was taken over by a former l'Ami Louis associate and was pleasantly surprised. Admittedly I didn't try their classic tripes à la mode de Caen, because I saw the cote de boeuf and no further discussion was entertained.