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Oct 5, 2010 07:50 AM

Edinburgh: Best Sunday breakfast or day trip lunch

hi everyone,

it's my girlfriend's birthday this Sunday and it's the first time I've been able to spend her birthday with her in two years (due to work commitments on both ends). Breakfast is her favourite meal so I'm hoping to find a really good spot, either within Edinburgh or somewhere nearby. Unfortunately it seems the very best restaurants (e.g., Kitchin) aren't open on Sundays. We've been to urban angel and dogs, but as it's her birthday I'd like to aim for something new or different.

Any recommendations or tips are very welcome. It doesn't matter whether the place is fancy or rather plain....really just looking for something a bit fun to get away from things. In the same vein, if anyone can recommend a decent place in a nearby seaside town or in the countryside, etc., that would be wonderful. We are new to the UK and it would be great to get out of Edinburgh for the day and see some of the neighbouring areas.

thanks, very much, for any help.

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  1. The Peat Inn in Fife is worth a visit if you are in the mood to splurge. However, they only serve lunch Tuesday thru Saturday.

    1. Seaside places near Edinburgh

      In Gullane - I've only been to the Bruntsfield branch, but if you're in the mood for nice cakes and tarts

      If you want high end dining, there's Chez Roux also in Gullane - I don't know what its like but its recently opened so there's a few articles on it.

      Never been here either, but nice for a walk on the promenade Portobello will do

      If you want to head a bit further afield, then this has a pretty location, went there a few years ago, I recall it being fine - sorry for not being more specific

      If you have more time and an hour/hour and half drive still counts as near, then exploring the East Neuk is an option, I went to the Ship Inn in Elie and remember it as a cosy homely pub. Crail is the furtherest point in the East Neuk/North East fife, but its pretty so I usually end up in the harbourside cafe. If you're in this part of the world, then if you haven't already visit St. Andrews and weather permitting have some irn bru ice cream at Jannettas along with everybody else. For fun flying a kite on the beach or putting at the himalayas. These restaurants seem to be at the higher end of dining, there's one in St Monans, also in the East Neuk, much nearer Edinburgh. Beware, there is golfing this weekend, I don't know much about golf so I don't know how big the event is and whether St. Andrews will be swamped.

      If you like history and a walk in the woods, then consider Falkland in Fife. there is Falkland Palace which I believe is National Trust or History of Scotland. then go through the town to Falkland House which is the site of the popular walk Maspie Den (there will be a lot of guides to this walk on the internet). Somewhere in the grounds is the organic cafe and farm shop Pillars of Hercules - they have a website too. Small place with good home baking. Probably do nice soups and sandwiches as well. If you want a long walk, i think there is a walk from here to the Lomonds.

      1. Actually there's seem to be a whole host of high end dining in the Gullane - North Berwick stretch that i've forgotten about or not heard of mentioned in here that you might want to find out a bit more about if this is what you're after

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          Thanks for this link. The Italian place in NB itself is closed Sunday, unfortunately, and the other places aren't ideal if we're travelling by train, as I understand it. They're good to know about for the future, however.

        2. The Seafood Restaurant in St Monans is where I'd go for lunch on a day out - beautiful old fishing village, lovely walks along the front to neighbouring villages and great views from the restaurant. I've not eaten there, but have wanted to for ages and all reviews are very good.

          1. Wow, thanks everyone for the very helpful information. What I'm leaning toward is North Berwick rather than the coastal villages, because I think given how stressful this week has been for her work a short train ride is more relaxed thing to do than rent a car for a longer trip to the coast. But I'll keep those places in mind for the future, perhaps an overnight or longer day.

            I'm thinking at the moment of having brunch or lunch in North Berwick, and then trying one of the boat tours put on by the Scottish Seabird Centre. They're supposed to be tons of fun. If anyone has food recommendations for North Berwick itself they would be very welcome.

            thanks again!