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Oct 5, 2010 07:42 AM

Los Angeles

I'll be travelling to LA with my wife in a couple of weeks. Any suggestions for lunch and dinner places?

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  1. How much are you looking to spend on meals? It makes a difference, as LA has tons of kosher options. I was there this past summer and the summer before.. loved every place we went to.

    Some of my favorites for dinner-
    Pat's (on Pico)- meat restaurant- the prime rib for two is delicious. Last time we went, we both had chicken dishes that were great.

    Tierra Sur- in Oxnard- definitely worth the drive.. it's about an hour from LA

    Milk n Honey- dairy restaurant- on Pico. We've had the pastas and salads, and heard good things about the fish. Not too expensive.

    Nagila Pizza- excellent pizza. The falafel is also very good. They have a meat fast food restaurant (burgers, shwarma, schintzel) next door.

    Jeff's Sausages- homemade sausages- I've never tried anything like it before. Great place, good for a meat lunch or a casual dinner. My husband loved it.

    Also, note that all Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf locations are kosher. It's a chain like Starbucks- and they're everywhere in LA. The salads and sandwiches are prewrapped and there's a kosher certificate in the refrigerated case. Sandwiches and salads are good, not awesome, but it's nice to know that you can pick something up wherever you are.

    We also got Shabbat takeout from several different places... if you want more info about that, I can post it.

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      I definitely second Pat's and Jeff's - opposites on the diuning experience but both are excellent!

    2. Well, it's too bad that I went out of business, because I had great reviews. But I agree with what cheesecake 17 said in terms of current restaurants to hit. One addition, though... if you're in the Valley at all, or if you want a bit of Chinese, better than the other Chinese in the city, Golan is the place. Better Chinese (in terms of quality, though you'll find far greater variety elsewhere), in a location with no ambience, but with good Israeli-style food and acceptable American.

      I also heard there was a good new shawarma place opening on Pico, though I haven't been there yet. In the Valley, Brami's is the place for pizza and milchigs- 2 locations.

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        1. A third vote for Jeff's. Their deli is made in-house and even the burgers are excellent.

          We like Shanghai Garden, but only if you don't have "real" Chinese food where you live. It's clean and usually quiet (though this past weekend it was very noisy.) Go early!!

          If you go to either Pat's or Shanghai Garden be VERY careful to read the parking signs carefully. We get parking tickets so often in that neighborhood (because the signs are confusing) that we have totally given up and we use the valet parking. A $3 fee and a tip is less than a $40 parking ticket.

          We are not Nagila fans.

          My family's favorite pizza is Pizza World (Fairfax neighborhood) and if you have never eaten a bean chimichanga you need to do 100 sit ups tonight and then go get one. I love their "beef" (vegetarian) faijitas as well. The "Yummy" sandwiches are also, well, yummy. The pasta Alfredo was disappointing.

          1. I love the pastrami sandwich at Pico Kosher Deli.

            I don't know the taco truck's hours but the tacos are ok plus you get a very L.A. experience.

            Fish Grill at the beach in Malibu is a nice option, lunch or dinner. Nothing fancy but pretty good and at the beach in Malibu.

            It's a shame Smokin' closed. The ribs were fantastic. It's the only place I've been to in the valley (twice).

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              Pico Kosher Deli was just ok. They had no idea what a half sour pickle was. ( is that a new york thing?) Maztah ball soup was nothing special. The round potato knish was surprisingly excellent.

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                Haven't tasted much from their menu. I didn't like the corned beef sanwhich.