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Oct 5, 2010 03:43 AM

Minute Steak roast...

When we were in Israel, my sister in law gave us a recipe handed down from her grandmpther for roast beef. My husband LOVED it so I would like to make it for him. The problem is she said she used 'minute steak'. Is this the same a minute roast? Or London broil? The minute steaks I am seeing when I do a google search are literally steaks- already cut into pieces..
The meat is basically seared then braised for 2 hours.. then sliced and re-cooked (like pot roast) over low heat for another 2 hours, so I know it cannot really be steak pieces she used.
I have never bought or made red meat before, so am very confused with these instructions. Please help!!

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  1. There is a minute steak roast, which is the same piece of meat as minute steaks, but not sliced up into thin pieces. Imagine a roast with the same vein of gristle running down the center as a minute steak has. I've never cooked it myself, but my mother serves it occasionally.

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      my wife and I get the minute roast cut lengthwise and then de-veined, it looks very similar to a cut of london broil at that point. I marinate it overnight in KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce (IMHO the best commercial BBQ sauce) and then BBQ it and slice it up. It's a standard Friday night meal for us.

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        gilab-you live in NJ, right? Do you know where I can find one? I found soemthing on but it seems a big piece, and if i can find it in a store, I would do that instead.

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          call the prime cut, in brooklyn on avenue U, they'll probably have it, and a good one at that...

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            I just saw a minute steak roast on Sunday at the Shoprite on Route 4 in paramus. They usually have both the steaks and a roast. I have never cooked the roast but I have cooked the steaks in brisket sauce for a couple of hours and they become very tender and very good. I never had need to try the roast.

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              My parents live in NJ; I believe my mother buys them at One Stop Kosher in Elizabeth. Call them and ask, as I don't know if they always have them.

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                Marissa, Not sure if you're still interested (I just saw this post) but Glatt 27 in Edison has wonderful Minute Roasts. They'll de-vein it for you. Actually all their meat is very good.