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Recommendations for St Pete?

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Traveling this Wednesday from New Orleans to St Pete for the first two games of the Rays-Rangers playoff series and staying at the Renaissance Vinoy on 5th Street NE in St Pete.

What is the best 1) breakfast 2) lunch and most important 3) dinner nearby? I eat seafood and veggies, but other members of the party - including one of the Rays owners - are omnivorous.

The featured restaurant at the Vinoy is Marchand's. Any good? Also, how about the food concessions at the Trop? Not so great, I hear, Though they have lobster rolls, which I love.

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  1. Tip o' the day......BERNS TAMPA "ART IN STEAKS"

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    1. re: ospreycove

      Tx. I am not a beef-eater, but Bern's menu shows lots of interesting fish and veg dishes.

    2. There are plenty of places to choose from nearby in the downtown area, but it depends on what you are after.

      Coney Island Hot Dogs is a great old OLD establishment if your craving a couple chili dogs or just for a baseball theme.


      Ceviche is a nice tapas place with a huge list to choose from.


      Moon Under Water is a very interesting restaurant with fancy english/indian dishes


      Bella Brava for italian also near the red mesa (actually never had it but it is on my list to try


      The downtown branch of the Red Mesa has great outdoor seating and very good duck tacos.


      Most of these have menus online, check 'em out. There are plenty more to choose from too. Especially if you are willing to drive.

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      1. re: ambroziak

        Tx. Look like some great choices.

      2. If you stay at the Vinoy again . . . Parkshore Grill is right down the road - http://www.parkshoregrill.com/ - They do a nice job.

        If you like Mexican/American fusion, then check out ZGrille - http://www.zgrille.net/menuz.html - Best fish tacos and the rib eye is awesome!

        BTW, did ya'll get a chance to dine at Marchand's?

        Parkshore Grill
        300 Beach Drive NE Ste 104, Saint Petersburg, FL 33701

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        1. re: Little T.

          Parkshore looks great. The brunch and particularly the picnic menus seem to be bargains. As for ZGrille, I am a big fan of fish tacos. Speaking of which, I ordered 'em at Alfresco's, the Vinoy's poolside restaurant, and they were quite good. Did not make it to Marchand's. Maybe next time. I really like the grand old dame of a hotel and the whole St Pete scene. If only the Texas Rangers had cooperated...

          1. re: erikschwarz

            Yep, the Vinoy is very cool.

          2. re: Little T.

            Ate at the Parkshore Grill yesterday, but don't have enough to say to make a complete review.
            I got the salmon breakfast--smoked salmon, a few drips of mango/red onion sauce, some capers, red onion rings, and endive leaves with a couple scraps of toasted something. It was yummy, but I was so spoiled by the huge brunch platters at our old favorite where we used to live that I wasn't terribly impressed. I think we paid extra for the bread basket. My son's grilled cheese sandwich was done creatively--bread wedges lined up overlapping with cheese melted on top--but the basic white bread and orange cheese were the same as everywhere.
            We might go back if we're looking for brunch in that area, but I certainly wouldn't call it a must-do

            Parkshore Grill
            300 Beach Drive NE Ste 104, Saint Petersburg, FL 33701