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Oct 5, 2010 12:57 AM

cheap paris eats.....

hello fellow chowhounds. i'm going to be in paris for a week starting thursday. it's wine crushing time and we're going to be enjoying every moment of it. i would looooove to hear about some great places to have lunch/dinner that are relatively inexpensive. the party crew consists of 5 ladies that absolutely adore food and wine. nothing is off limits food-wise. please tell me about some places that we just cannot miss. also.....if there are any bars/clubs that can't be missed, include those as well.
thanks a bunch.

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  1. I don't know where to begin to help you. "Relatively inexpensive" is a difficult term to come to grips with in the context of eating in Paris. My wife and I eat eat "relatively inexpensive" food in open air markets, at bakeries by buying a sandwich, with apartment supplies from Monoprix, for lunch at Frenchies or dinner at Le Clinq. Could you help us out with a range you'd like to settle into. Maybe where you are staying woulod help. Hopefully your response and bouncing your question back to the top will get some folks to help out here. Have fun with your friends.

    1. I second the "please give more info" request. As for bars not to be missed, I would suggest Perscription Cocktail Club and la Conserverie. But, those are just a couple of my personal favorites for cocktails and the tend towards the loungey/trendy type. But if I had a clearer idea of what you're looking for, I could give you some more suggestions. (high end hotel bars with killer views or service & matching prices? low end fun and funky neighborhood joints? Places where you can dance?) Happy to help, just want to give you something that fits what you're looking for rather than list out a bunch of random good places.