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Oct 5, 2010 12:48 AM

Papa D's Taste of N'awlins (Mountain View)

Just noticed a place called Papa D's Taste of N'awlins opened where Uncle Frank's BBQ was located. I don't see any mention of the place. I hope to try it out over next week and post a review. Any reports on what's good (and what's bad)?

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  1. Uncle Frank’s Barbecue, which used to be in Mountain View near the corner of Old Middlefield Road and Rengstroff in back of Francesca’s Bar has left the spot some time ago. Uncle Frank’s has been replaced by Papa D’s, which serves “N’awlins food.”

    The menu (see attached) has four categories - appetizers, po’ boy sandwiches, salads, and “house specials.” It has been serving for a month (relying only on word-of-month and the sign outside Francesca’s bar) but it is not fully operative yet. An official grand opening is planned in about a month. No, they do not and will not have Central Grocery Store type muffelettas po’ boys or Café Du Monde type beignets.

    We tried an oyster po’ boy sandwich, Papa D’s gumbo, and fried catfish with jambalya. The po’ boy came with fries; the gumbo and catfish came with a slug of cornbread. The food is good, but not stellar. I was told that the gumbo might be spicy, but it just seemed to have medium heat. The menu for the official opening will be expanded some more. The place has been redone with about eight tables seating four people each (the old benches and booths are gone). It’s a little brighter inside, but is still somewhat dark inside. There is a big TV screen. Monday football nights, they offer a buffet for $15 (a better deal to be able to sample a greater variety of offerings compared to ordering ala carte).

    Call ahead to check.

    2135 Old Middlefield Way
    Mountain View
    (650) 965 8711