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Oct 4, 2010 10:07 PM

W Washington Rooftop Bar

Travellingto DC with my family from Australia in late Decembe. Had hoped to book for drinks and tapas at the rooftop bar for the view. I am concerned that in te US my kids not being 21 (they are 20,17 and 14) might not be permitted into the bar. Can anyone please advise - and suggest alternative for food and view in Washington.

Many thanks

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  1. should be ok (unless you're ordering the kids drinks!) if it is, the tower in the Old Post Office is dry, but free, no line and almost as good a view as the Washington Monument.

    seriously when the W was open-air, there were kids present. from what I understand it's just pricier and choosier now (hope they're nicer because they were complete jerks back then under the old management) locals don't like to be treated like tourists after all or tourists either for that matter. it is a cool view and at least worth a coupla rounds. bonus point questions - what did FDR add that's still there and what did Carter add, Reagan take away and Bush II restore (I think he or Laura did anyway)?

    1. you can eat lunch/brunch there. When I went there to check out the space for our wedding, there were tourists there in shorts and flip flops.

      1. Late December? Bundle up! It's an outdoor venue, and even though in the colder months they lower heavy plastic sheeting around the outside and have heaters running and blankets available, it can still be quite chilly up there. Also, IMO, the plastic 'windows' definitely interfere with the view -- not quite like looking at it through clear glass.

        1. It's not really a child-appropriate crowd from happy hour onward, but as mentioned, it's utterly appropriate to show up with kids for brunch/lunch. It was still tourists in shorts and sneaks at 3pm on a Saturday when we took my father-in-law over there.

          1. Many thanks for all this advice - regards from "downunder"