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Oct 4, 2010 08:52 PM

Spanish Paprika Chicken Recipe Needed

I had a smoked Spanish paprika chicken dish at a wine tasting event that has been haunting me for days. The restaurant who offered it is a cafe at a local community college that is run by the culinary arts program. I asked the server and she said it had smoked and sweet paprika (Spanish), onions, shallots, sherry, garlic and chicken of course. There was also mushrooms in the dish that were cooked in advance and the liquid was used as part of the braising liquid. It also had fresh parsley. I've seen a few recipes that resembled it on the web, but they didn't seem like they would have the same depth as the dish I tried. It was sort of a Spanish version of chicken cacciatore or coq au vin. I am not looking for what might be good gleaned from a web search, I am looking for a tried and true recipe. Sorry to be so picky, but it was very good and the sooner I can replicate it the better. All I know is that I want more!

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