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Oct 4, 2010 08:48 PM

Worst Pizza I ever bought

Inedible. Thick doughy non-crust. Raw bacon and raw crunchy green peppers on top. Cold mushrooms not even browned, Tasteless. Weirdly spiced sauce. I could not eat this pizza and was very diappointed because the overall ambience and the staff were wonderful.

1357 Chain Bridge Rd, Mc Lean, VA 22101

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  1. You're right. I've lived in McLean for years, within walking distance of Rocco's. The pizza is awful. I don't know how it stays in business. The pizza at Pulcinella on Old Dominion Drive is much better. The center of McLean most definitely needs decent restaurants. I'd even be happy to have a Panera or Potbelly. It's pitiful.

    6700 Richmond Hwy, Alexandria, VA 22306

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      Wait, what's going on here? Telekinesis & mind reading? Double accounts? Collusion?

      OP - where are you talking about???

      I couldn't eat that pizza either - because I don't know which one you're talking about!

      1. re: toomuchmusic

        On the topic of McLean needing a new restaurant, there's some new information to report about the restaurant/s going into the space/s in the Langley Shopping Center.

        In a separate thread, some of us have been speculating about the McLean Tavern and whether or not the McLean Family Restaurant is behind that effort. Next, we began speculating whether or not the McLean Tavern was going to occupy two retail spaces -- the one previously occupied by a video rental store and the site of the Three Pigs Restaurant.

        Driving past the space a couple of days ago, I discovered that two wholly unrelated restaurants appear to be going in right next to one another. There's no movement on the McLean Tavern space, but there is now a sign hanging outside the site of the former Three Pigs. The name of this restaurant is something like 1910 Restaurant. (ETA -- Wikipedia states 19010 is the founding date of McLean, VA.) There was additional evidence of progress since the metal support structure for awnings had been installed.

        On another thread, a poster included a link to an article definitely stating the McLean Family Restaurant is behind the Three Pigs replacement. Readers of this board know I'm not a great fan of the food in MFR, but appreciate its role in our community.