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Napa/Sonoma Crushing in October

oohlala Oct 4, 2010 08:16 PM

Will be at the Sonoma Napa wine and food festival on oct 16th, just wondering if there are any wineries that offer open grape crushing in the same weekend around that area. The only one I can find so far is Healdsburg crush festival. Are there any other smaller scale that is hosted only at the winery?

  1. maria lorraine Oct 4, 2010 10:23 PM

    When you're here, the red grapes will still be in the process of harvest.

    I don't know what you mean by "offer" open grape crushing -- do you mean something that you will be able to participate in, grape stomping in a Speedo or something like that? That is not often done. I do know of the Sonoma County Grape Camp:

    You're welcome to observe harvest (if it's happening) when you stop by a winery for a visit. Harvest is time-critical -- bringing the grapes in and getting them into the fermentation tanks is a process that uses heavy machinery, forklifts darting to and fro, and heavy trucks on the press pad. Because of that, consumers are rarely granted "hands-on" access during the process. But call around to the various visitor's bureaus to see if there are more options.

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    1. re: maria lorraine
      oohlala Oct 5, 2010 01:01 PM

      you gotta wear a speedo for stomping those grapes? I was thinking going in with nothing but rainboots............. Thanks for the website tho!

      geogibson - what involves in 'grape stomping'? is it like what maria described? eyes only, no hands?

    2. g
      geogibson Oct 4, 2010 10:46 PM

      I don't know if your dates have any flexibility, but this weekend coming up, Oct. 9-10, there is a Harvest Festival at Steele Wines in Kelseyville in Lake County, just north of Napa County. They have a grape stomp both days, music and food and misc. vendors. My wife and I have been going to it every year for the last 15 or so. Here's a link to schedule: http://www.steelewines.com./docs/sche...

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      1. re: geogibson
        oohlala Oct 11, 2010 04:32 PM

        amazing festival geogibson! we'll definitely be making our way back next year :)

        Thanks so much for the great post!

      2. maria lorraine Oct 13, 2010 05:45 PM

        Here's news of a grape stomp at Bourassa Vineyards on Oct. 23 --
        advertised as being just like "I Love Lucy":

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