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Oct 4, 2010 07:11 PM

Travelling with a 2Yr old to London!

I will be travelling with my family (my wife and 2 yrd old) this October to multiple cities in Europe. I am looking for recommendations on places to eat that are not overly pricey but where we can have still experience a great local dish. I have listed the cities below and areas (streets) where our hotel is situated. Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks

Rome - Via Torino
Florence -Via Luigi Alamanni
Venice - Just there for the day
Vienna - Kleine Stadtgutgasse
Prague - Kinsky Garden - Holeckova
Amsterdam - Apollolaan 1012
London - Harrington Gardens

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  1. Two days, and no replies? Shame on us!

    There are not many places (high end excepted) which will have problems with youngsters, although it's of course best to ask when you place your reservation (actually, just ask if they have childrens high chairs, and don't go if the answer is no). You may however get some disapproving muttering from other patrons if you arrive with buggies, bags, toys and tantrums!

    Your area (known as Gloucester Road) has many decent places, including the excellent Bombay Brasserie, but maybe Indian would not suit a child. My suggestion is La Bouchee, a nice French bistrot, about 10 minutes stroll east along the Old Brompton Road towards South Kensington tube station.

    For a more British venue go here:

    About 10 minutes in a taxi.

    Edit: Sticky Fingers is a specialist children & adult restaurant:

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      I'd do Harwood Arms. Gorgeous British gastropub. They'll be very accomodating and she can nibble little sausages to her heart's content while both of you have finer fare! The waiters will love her.

      Indian would be fine, I'm sure - mine used to stuff himself with naan, and tandoori drumsticks would be fine also.

      If you want to do the full blown kiddy route though, Giraffe is a London chain for family mass affluent dining, and there's a branch by Kensington High St tube. It's not bad, and will be crammed with kids.