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Oct 4, 2010 07:02 PM

Quebec City - Place to take 10 for Dinner

Coming to a conference in late November and would like to take my team out for a reasonably priced fun dinner in walking dinner to the Frotenac. I love Pain Beni but I'mthinking I will save that for a nice dinner for 2 while I'm there. Any suggestions for a place with a good fun atmosphere, mid point prices and a menu line up for a crowd whose palates are mostly unknown to me. Would prefer to avoid any typical tourist traps and find a place that has a unique in Quebec city experience that is easy on my bank account. Suggestions?

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  1. Eeeesh. Most of the places I could come up with normally would stretch your budget or are not really suited for large groups. Not sure if you need a private room or not either. I'd definitely never tell you to head to one of the family-food chains (Boston Pizza, Mikes, etc.), so I would probably recommend a place like the Cafe du Monde, which has decent bistro food and is probably used to accomodate groups. The view and surroundings is also very good. Other suggestions in Old Town would probably be the Cochon Dingue series of restaurants - again decent bistro food and the original one is in the Petit Champlain area, which is always nice.

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      Ok you sent a shudder through my spine when you mentioned Boston Pizza. I will check our Cafe du Monde and Cochon Dingue. Thanks so much.

    2. Savini ?

      On the Grande Alle, fun atmosphere, midpoint price/food

      1. Also I think of Brynd's smoke meat, great in lower town in front of the train station. For a group real fun and also Côtes à Côtes near the ferry