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Oct 4, 2010 06:56 PM

Stuffed whole artichoke - what am i doing wrong?

Hi all: I love whole artichokes (steamed, grilled, roasted). I have had some FANTASTIC artichokes at a few Italian restaurants that have been lightly stuffed with breadcrumbs, herbs and parm. However, when I try to duplicate at home, it fails. I lightly stuff prepped artichokes and roast them (sometimes covered, sometimes in a water bath, sometimes wrapped in foil, finish under the broiler...) regardless, I end up with pasty gook between the leaves. I am trying to replicate a hot, flavorful, saucy/crispy goodness that is distribued among the leaves. I will take any and all feedback from more experienced artichoke cooks. As always, thank you so very much!!

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  1. trim the spikes, push back the leaves
    Toasted bread crumbs, fresh parsley, pecorino romano, pepper
    stuff the leaves by pulling them back and spooning or picking up with your fingers and depositing the bread crumb mixture push down a little
    squeeze a tad of lemon juice and drizzle of olive oil
    place in a steamer basket above simmering water, lid on tight.
    the home made toasted bread crumbs make it just right for me every time
    I love chokes!

    1. I bake my stuffed artichokes in two inches of water/white wine/lemon juice, covered in foil that I've poked holes in, so that the artichokes don't get soggy. And at least in my oven, it takes a while - 90 minutes or so at 400. I take the foil off for the last 15 minutes, and they come out pretty crispy.

      1. Thank you for the suggestions! I will give it another shot!

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          I've been making them for almost 50 years and the only problem I have is that sometimes the stuffing sticks to the back of the leaf in front of the one I pulled. I just scoop it onto the "proper" leaf. I also use sliced olives, garlic and sometime a meat such as a ground up mortadella or salami. If for me alone, I use anchovy too

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            Thanks for the help. Maybe I'm stuffing the leaves too much? The stuffing tends to get pasty /mushy and not crispy or appetizing. I'll try less.

        2. I do something similar.

          I saute mushrooms, chopped spinach, and shallots in bacon with just a small pat of butter. Once they finish up cooking, I toss in a handful of breadcrumbs and some Pecorino. Stir it up and let it sit for 10 mins or so. This will ensure the breadcrumbs absorb all the fat and liquid.

          From there, I just pack it in between the leaves with a drizzle of olive oil. Steam them until tender, then hot roast them to add some color and to stiffen the breadcrumb mix a bit.

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            I like the mushroom/spinach/shallot combo--will try that when I next whip some up..maybe for a tailgate this year

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              Thanks for the help. As I mentioned, my stuffing is always mushy and I hate that. I'll try your combo of steaming and hot roast. Maybe that will help! Thank you.