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Oct 4, 2010 06:28 PM

Trader Joe's 72% chocolate changed?

Has anyone noticed a change in TJ's Pound Plus 72% Belgian dark chocolate? I bought a bar last week and immediately noticed a significant difference in the snap, mouthfeel, and flavor. Softer all around. Before it was much crisper, and had a sharper taste to it (more acid?). The new bar is OK, and acceptable on its own, but it's not at all the same, and not nearly as interesting. I have been buying and eating this for a couple of years now, and I like to think that I know what it should taste like. Am I alone in wondering what happened?

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  1. Last bar I had bought a month or so ago had the same flavor. i will have to try again : ).

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    1. Could it have been near or past the "enjoy by" date?

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        Nope, it's as fresh as the Southern California rain that's falling right now. Best by Dec 2011. I don't think my 'reference bars' were ever close to expiry either. They never last that long.

      2. I haven't noticed any change, though my last purchase was about a month ago. Are you sure you didn't get the bittersweet by mistake?

        Have you tried the smaller 85% bars?

        1. I bought a bar today to use for tempering. I should get around to doing it this weekend. You almost scared me off buying it but I figured how bad could it be, especially if I would be melting and making candy? We'll see.

          1. I think they had a packaging mixup. I went back to my local TJ, and the 500g half pound plus bar of 72% Dark Chocolate (red package) was out of stock, or at least not visible. I did find the small triple package at the checkout (same label and color, but 47g bar) and it is the same as I remembered: dark, snappy, somewhat sharp, not too sweet. When I compared it to the last little block of the big package, the difference was obvious: the big block was lighter, softer, and sweeter. The color was distinctively 'milk chocolaty'. Not the same at all.

            The next time I'm in the store I'll ask what happened. I just hope they're not changing the formula.