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Oct 4, 2010 05:08 PM

Venice Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Need dinner recommendations for these two days. Need to make reservations

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  1. I think this is the most recent thread.
    maybe some of the folks who visited last year will pipe up about what they found.
    there are a lot of restaurants closed during this period but some will be open. do try to reserve if you can - but it doesnt need to be two months ahead of time.
    we went altogether without reservations but I would not count on being so lucky - in one case, a reserving party was late and we were given their spot.

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    1. re: jen kalb

      Can you reply with the names of the restaurants you found open and patronized on those 2 days,
      along with your feedback on the restaurant? (food quality, service, suitable for families?)

      Thank you very much

      1. re: michmom

        Corte Sconta was the outstanding restuarant of our visit (Christmas Day lunch, especially with their grand antipasto series. this was quite a number of years ago.
        We also liked Dai Tosi (Christmas Eve, I think) however we were only able to get pizza and pasta, whereas locals who presumably had reserved were eating a beautiful seafood spread, Lots of places are closed, some open.

        Once you figure out some restaurants that interest you,- there are endless discussion of Venice here- you might email or go on 2spaghi and try to reserve. I just think it is quite hard to be definitive about who is open and who closed, since restaurants change their minds and schedules from year to year - and making prior contact and reserving for at least key meals will yield you a better experience ..

          1. re: michmom

            A few years ago, I had the most marvelous Christmas brunch at Florian's -- marvelous because the place was empty! (And the food was fine, too. The coffee sulbime.)

            We hadn't planned to go, but we decided to stick our heads into the Basilica San Marco to see if i was lit up for high mass. (It is.) Afterwards, we stepped into Florian's for coffee, and discovering all but empty, we took a velvet window seat and ordered brunch. They were out of the smoked duck salad (which would have been my first chocie), so we had smoked salmon with a salad, plus prosecco. I think the salmon and salad was 14e, the prosecco was 6e. The food was fine. We had coffee -- it was delicious!

            Floriian's is open only until 2pm on Christmas Day. (I don't know what time in the morning it opens.)

            Othewise, we had the devil of a time finding food not just on Christmas Day, but the following day, which is the feast of Santo Stefano -- big deal in Venice! We had unsatisfactory hotel-located meals both days.

            But on Christmas Eve, we had a very nice dinner at La Furatola in the Dorsoduro (Calle Lunga San Barnaba). I think Fiaschetteria Toscana may be open on Christmas holidays (but we had eaten there earlier and alone among the ranks of humanity, didn't think much of it. If you go there, be sure to reserve a table downstairs for a decent experience of the place).