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Dress Codes - what is female equivalent of "jacket required?"

Hello from Florida, NYC hounds!

We will be heading to NYC for an early December trip, and as part of a birthday foodie extravaganza, we are planning a pilgrimage to Le Bernardin. We, being Floridians, are casually-dressed folk. I don't think there is a single restaurant I can think of in South Florida you can't go into in jeans with a nice shirt and nice shoes.

I've noted that jackets are required for men, which is a lot of extra packing for one night, but we are okay with that. However, I have no idea what the female half of the equation should be wearing.

Can someone enlighten me? Is a cocktail dress expected? Pant suit? Would pants, a blouse/sweater and dress boots be okay or are dressier heels expected? I am sorry for sounding so ignorant, but we just don't have any reference points and would prefer to blend in easily.



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  1. All the things you mentioned would work at LB. However dress boots better not mean Timberlands for you.

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        I would be very surprised to find anyone in south Florida wearing UGGs.

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          I've seen young women in NYC wearing them in the SUMMER. How? Why?

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            <I've seen young women in NYC wearing them in the SUMMER. How? Why?>

            It goes with the summer wooly hat?

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                Confuses me just like a down jacket with flip flops.

    1. Business professional.

      1. You have Chico's down where you are. Any of their dressier pants and tops would be fine.

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          Skip the glitzier stuff at Chico's. Simple darkish (especially in winter) pants (or skirt) suit with a dressy top/blouse would be perfect. If you're not accustomed to the cold, you could go for a nice turtleneck with that suit and a great necklace. "Business professional" means you were city-dressed for work and came straight to dinner. If the weather is bad, you can wear appropriate boots to the restaurant, carrying your heels in a bag, change into your heels and put the boots into the bag and check them with your coat. Do the boots/heels thing all the time in the winter - tend to bring an extra dry plastic (grocery) bag so that after dinner when I change back, I don't put the heels into a bag that's all wet from the boots. It's City Survival 101 for women!

        2. le bernadin is a pretty fancy place, but times have changed, and really, if a woman wants to dress as a pirate; she will be seated.

          I go to Jean Georges which is also a 3 star-Michelin-4 star-NYTimes restaurant and people come in blue jeans.

          Almost whatever a woman wears is acceptable.

          Jean Georges
          1 Central Park W, New York, NY 10023

          1. You'll need that jacket in December so it's not extra packing at all!

            1. Thank you to you all for the tips. Based on your comments below, I am thinking a nice pair of dressy black pants, a cashmere sweater and low-heeled (1") black leather boots. Plus outerwear, of course.

              Thanks for the tip on switching out shoes. That would have not even occurred to me. :)

              I appreciate everyone taking the time - we are really looking forward to this trip and a lot of good food (but mostly smaller, less well-known places I already love).


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                Good black pants are a must when travelling and will take you anywhere in New York. Wearing a stylish bracelet or necklace gussies up an outfit for the evening.