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Oct 4, 2010 01:41 PM

Dress Codes - what is female equivalent of "jacket required?"

Hello from Florida, NYC hounds!

We will be heading to NYC for an early December trip, and as part of a birthday foodie extravaganza, we are planning a pilgrimage to Le Bernardin. We, being Floridians, are casually-dressed folk. I don't think there is a single restaurant I can think of in South Florida you can't go into in jeans with a nice shirt and nice shoes.

I've noted that jackets are required for men, which is a lot of extra packing for one night, but we are okay with that. However, I have no idea what the female half of the equation should be wearing.

Can someone enlighten me? Is a cocktail dress expected? Pant suit? Would pants, a blouse/sweater and dress boots be okay or are dressier heels expected? I am sorry for sounding so ignorant, but we just don't have any reference points and would prefer to blend in easily.



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  1. All the things you mentioned would work at LB. However dress boots better not mean Timberlands for you.

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        I would be very surprised to find anyone in south Florida wearing UGGs.

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          I've seen young women in NYC wearing them in the SUMMER. How? Why?

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            <I've seen young women in NYC wearing them in the SUMMER. How? Why?>

            It goes with the summer wooly hat?

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                Confuses me just like a down jacket with flip flops.

    1. Business professional.

      1. You have Chico's down where you are. Any of their dressier pants and tops would be fine.

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          Skip the glitzier stuff at Chico's. Simple darkish (especially in winter) pants (or skirt) suit with a dressy top/blouse would be perfect. If you're not accustomed to the cold, you could go for a nice turtleneck with that suit and a great necklace. "Business professional" means you were city-dressed for work and came straight to dinner. If the weather is bad, you can wear appropriate boots to the restaurant, carrying your heels in a bag, change into your heels and put the boots into the bag and check them with your coat. Do the boots/heels thing all the time in the winter - tend to bring an extra dry plastic (grocery) bag so that after dinner when I change back, I don't put the heels into a bag that's all wet from the boots. It's City Survival 101 for women!

        2. le bernadin is a pretty fancy place, but times have changed, and really, if a woman wants to dress as a pirate; she will be seated.

          I go to Jean Georges which is also a 3 star-Michelin-4 star-NYTimes restaurant and people come in blue jeans.

          Almost whatever a woman wears is acceptable.

          Jean Georges
          1 Central Park W, New York, NY 10023

          1. You'll need that jacket in December so it's not extra packing at all!