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Oct 4, 2010 01:08 PM

Disappointing dinner at Saul

I was at Saul for a birthday celebration on Friday night, and we couldn't have been more disappointed. Really lackluster dishes, and the entrees were served lukewarm. We had the tuna tartare, the gnocchi, the bass, the cod and the chicken special. Nothing stood out, and the cod was downright bad. Has anyone else been lately? I have to believe they were just having an off night, with all the acclaim they've gotten. But I was wishing we'd gone to Grocery or Dressler or al di la. Very disappointing.

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  1. Haven't been for 18 months or so but so sorry to hear that. I hope Saul hasn't become distracted by his new place on Vanderbilt and his pending place on Atlantic.

    If you've been before and were pleased I strongly encourage you to call and ask for Saul -- let them know you were disappointed. They may comp you for a 2nd meal to change your mind.

    1. I had dinner there in late August with 3 other people--our food was very good, it was the waiters that were surprisingly bad. Almost hitting us in the face with their elbows as they refilled our water glasses, etc.

      1. We also ate at Saul recently and were disappointed, after being big fans over the past couple of years. Most egregiously, our vegetarian friend received a ridiculous plate of variously arrayed vegetables, without any sophistication, execution or cohesion as a dish. We had been joking that she would just receive a plate of steamed, undersalted vegetables - and oddly enough, the joke was on us. My food was fine - foie gras app and the loin of rabbit - but far below what I have come to expect there. Just didn't stand out. I guess Saul is overextending himself. I guess I won't be back unless I start hearing good reports again - there are too many great Bklyn places to eat at these days....

        1. Just had dinner this past weekend at Dressler and was disappointed. They no longer feature a tasting menu and I found most of the dishes we ordered to be overseasoned. Additionally, I liked Saul's menu options better.

          Went to Saul this past May and had the tasting menu. Overall, I thought it was very good with a nice progression of dishes starting with a ceviche and ending with a beef course, before moving to dessert. Though I found it to be a bit noisy, considering this way my only visit, it is a rather small space and found it comparable to most of the restaurants you listed. I hope you're right and it was an off night as I enjoyed my meal there and plan to return.

          1. I also had a disappointing birthday meal at Saul about a year ago. I don't remember anything being bad, but as you said, nothing stood out. I just felt underwhelmed and wished it was more memorable. The Grocery on the other hand was amazing last time I went.