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dinner recs for Plymouth Meeting and Radnor area? In town for 3 nights

Staying in Plymouth Meeting for 3 nights. Working in Radnor area -- looking for dinner suggestions for solo and taking out the office ? Thanks Chowhounds!

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  1. if you don't mind driving up germantown pike until it becomes germantown ave, you can eat at the bar at Tavern on the HIll (which used to be called Hill Tavern, and possibly still is, but I do think that they changed it). It used to be a seedy bar, now it's gone gastro-pub. Also 1-2 doors down is McNallys, which also serves food. These are both in Chestnut Hill, just inside the city borders. it's a few miles away but you don't have to turn once you get on germnatown.
    Personally, when I'm eating solo, I prefer eating at bars.

    1. A bit west of Radnor (on rt. 30/Lancaster Ave) is downtown Wayne. Lots of choices there, Theresa's next door for Belgian, Margaret Kuo's for upscale chinese, several ok bar type spots (the Boathouse, Great American Pub)

      1. There are good options in Radnor. At 333 Belrose you can eat in the dining room or order from a much more limited menu at the bar (half price certain nights). Around the corner (although technically St. David's) is Susanna Foo for upscale chinese fusion and Fleming's for steak (the latter is not a personal recommendation, as I've never been, but others seem to like it). As Waking 1 suggested, Wayne is also very close. Plymouth Meeting is full of chain restaurants. In between Radnor and Plymouth Meeting is Conshohocken, which has several more options. Blackfish (byob) has been very good recently.

        1. Up Germantown Pike - in a little strip mall - is Bluefin. Great place for sushi and annually voted one of Philly's best 50 restaurants. Just make sure you call for a reservation - it can get quite packed - even on the weekdays.

          (610) 277-3917
          1017 Germantown Pike ยท Plymouth Meeting

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            Thanks for all the great suggestions! I'll be sure to let you know how I make out.

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              Definitely go to McNally's in Chestnut Hill, plain green door across from now closed Borders bookstore. Get the Schmitter or GSB, or yikes, the turkey on kaiser is yummy too!!!! Obviously I need to get myself there!!!

          2. When I used to work out in that area, we would often go to Dawson's on Plymouth Rd. Good, casual pub grub type place that pleases a large group (vegetarian, carnivore, etc.)

            I also second Bluefin (if you like sushi). Tough for a large group though, as many of the coworkers were not sushi fans.

            If you want to go for hole-in-the-wall really good pizza, there's Michael's on Butler Pike--we used to do a lot of large group pizza & beer Friday lunches ther.

            Which reminds me--Broad Axe Tavern has some very intersting small plates and decent wine list.

            Unfortunately, most of what's in Plymouth Meeting proper is chains--Bertucci's, Ruby Tuesday's, etc.

            1. I like Plaza Azteca in Plymouth Meeting for Mexican. It might also be fun for a group.

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                +2 Azteca is an amazingly good chain, very busy, good fun, good service and quite acceptable food. The at-the-table Guac is usually excellent, a good "masher" can make a difference. The drinks are formula but good with Maricachi music to sip them by.

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                  +3 Azteca is really good food in my mind and dirt cheap. The tableside guac is as good as any guac i've ever had in the better known mexican taquieras in the city. Good fun atmosphere for a crowd. Very lively!

              2. There is a very unique Persian Grille nearby in Lafayette Hills a few miles down Germantown Pike.

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                  Can't support the Persian Grille recommendation since the Iranian family sold it to the new owners. I was really disappointed by the now Mexican interpretation of Persian.

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                    Yikes. Dare I ask what a Mexican interpretation of Persian food looks like?

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                      I didn't mean to imply PerMex fusion. I found the menu to be the same as when the Iranians had it only lower quality, dried out meat and poultry kebabs, and a grossly overpriced salad of iceberg, flavorless hothouse tomatoes, cucumber and onion with a scant bit of dressing. I had been going there since the 80's but its now off my list.

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                        Sad to hear that .. it used to rock.

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                      I live around the corner from the Persian Grille, went there frequently when the original owners (Iranian) had the place, and go there frequently now. Food is still authentic, delicious, and just as good.