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Oct 4, 2010 12:00 PM

Road Trip: Houston to Temple (cross-post from Houston board)

Coming down to Houston for a reunion from DC and also driving to Temple/Belton for visit w family on Sunday. Been a while since I did the drive and wondered if there were any great places to stop for lunch - we can either go 290 through Brenham or through College station/Hearne. Don't want to go so far south as Lockhart area...any ideas?? We will have 1.5 and 4 yo with us, so needs to be family friendly but GOOOOOOD....thanks!!!!

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  1. Mary, Green's Cafe, which is attached to Green's Sausage House in Zabcikville, would probably be perfect for you. Unfortunately they are closed on Sundays. But, plans sometimes change when you are traveling, so I'm sending this along. Zabcikville is located 10 miles east of Temple on Hwy.53. You might check in with them because I swear I've been in there before on a Sunday.

    Green's Sausage House
    16483 State Highway 53, Temple, TX 76501

    1. I make the trip to Waco through College Station about four times a year. Our favorite place to stop is Koppe Bridge on Harvey Road for burgers. They are open Sunday.

      1. I always try to route myself either coming or going to stop at some or all of these:

        Weikels in La Grange

        Hruska's in Ellinger

        Louie Mueller's in Taylor

        Royer's in Round Top

        Sure, sometimes you have to go a bit out of your way, but it does make a road trip more interesting.

        1. I had to make a quick jaunt out that way last spring I think it was. I wasn't too impressed with the Southern Flyer Diner at the Brenham Airport but it was very popular and busy. I stopped at the Must be Heaven Pie shop in downtown Brenham, an interesting old ice cream parlor with sandwiches. I just had some pie (Sawdust, which I'd never heard of before but seems to be popular around there) but sandwiches looked good. They have several locations. I wanted to try Bever's in Chappell Hill but didn't have time; looks like it's not open on Sunday anyway.

          Here's an earlier thread:

          1. There's a place in Lexington -- Johhnny's I think -- that pan fries their chicken fried steak

            I really enjoyed Schoepp's babrbecue in Belton

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              second the motion on Schoep's. They have good que.