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Oct 4, 2010 11:49 AM

Weekend in Chicago for Thirtysomethings

I will be traveling with a group of 5 ladies (including me) to Chicago for marathon weekend (two of us will be running). We're staying at the Monaco on N. Wabash and will be there from Saturday, Oct. 9 through late afternoon on Monday, Oct. 11. I've been looking through the posts and the same places keep appearing again and again, but I think many of them may be too high end for what we'll be looking for. We appreciate good food, but we're not necessarily looking for formal or expensive food -- most of the group will probably be comfortable paying between $30 and $40 per person for dinner (possibly more if we have to) -- we're all in our 30s and would like places with a fun atmosphere. I'm looking for suggestions for: lunch on Saturday (will likely be near the hotel or McCormick Place), dinner on Saturday (would prefer near the hotel and somewhere that would be good for a pre-marathon dinner, doesn't have to be pasta though), dinner on Sunday (this can be anywhere, but we may be in the Navy Pier area that evening and this can be a little more upscale) and brunch on Monday (we may be in the Hyde Park area that day). I hope this is enough info to go on!

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  1. Hard areas--McCormick is isolated by the park and Navy Pier and streeterville is not my favorite place to eat (I live in the condo by Navy Pier and would love some great restaurants)

    In the 12 blocks around Navy Pier
    C-house Marcus Samuleson's restaurant in the Affinia Hotel is wonderful
    David Burke's in the James Hotel has wonderful steaks
    Coco pazzo cafe is truly my favorite streeterville restaurant
    Purple Pig is a fantastic wine bar and restaurant on Michigan Ave
    Hub 51 is fantastic for great Mexican food and brunch

    If you go to the west loop
    Veerasway has the freshest take on Indian food not greasy and extremely light and bright flavors
    Blackbird is the bomb for great food
    I have heard great things about the Gage

    844 W Randolph Street, Chicago, IL 60607

    1. C-House and Davd Burke's are indeed close to Navy Pier, but not at all close to bakingqueen's price point, unless you try them at lunch.

      Coco Pazza Cafe is a great idea altho it'll be hard to get a reservation at PP). I don't know Hub 51 at all.

      These are all good options in the general area you're in:
      Bandero on Michigan Avenue
      Quartino's on North State
      Iberico for tapas on LaSalle St.

      626 N. State Street, Chicago, IL 60654

      Iberico Cafe & Bar
      737 N La Salle Dr, Chicago, IL 60654

      1. I've stayed at that hotel and loved it.
        I've eaten at the Emerald Loop right by the hotel: I think it fits the description of what you're looking for.

        Emerald Loop
        35 E Wacker Dr, Chicago, IL 60601