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Oct 4, 2010 10:35 AM

Finally, A Pork Cookbook For Jews: The White Book by Eli Landau


Great article in the Times about a new cookbook written expressly for Jews who like to eat pork.

Who's read the book?

How're the recipes?

I do love a good bacon frittata and I'm always looking for a good new cookbook.

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  1. The thing is, the Cleveland main library doesn't have it ordered and its not on Amazon.
    I sent noticed to both, so maybe someone will carry it sooner or later?
    I've searched his name including the book title together and only find news storied and blogs on the book.

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    1. re: TelcoPhil

      For one thing, the book is in Hebrew, and unlikely to have easy or wide distribution here yet. I'm not sure what the fuss is--unless you were living in Israel, or were interested in the changing social world of modern Judaism, or saw this as a kind of cultural artifact. Or clever gift.
      Bacon frittata? This might be the last place I;d turn for a recipe.

      1. re: bob96

        yeah really, I've known Jews (ok maybe not hugely observant on that issue) that have eaten pork for decades, but I doubt even they would wander outside of their regional (Southern US) tradition for ideas.

    2. Maybe I haven't had enough coffee yet....but if you've jumped the hurdle and are eating pork, why then do you need a special book? What is there you'd need to know that the umpty-million other cookbooks already published wouldn't tell you?

      1. I think nearly all of you are missing the point of both the book and the article.

        a) The book is written in Hebrew, by an Israeli author, and is intended for the Israeli market, not "the Jews." There is a difference.

        b) The vast majority of Jews in America do not keep strictly kosher. Many do not even consider avoiding pork (and that is not limited to the American South). Those of us who do eat pork eat it the same way we eat any other food - if we cook Italian chicken, we cook Italian pork, etc. Any recipe that sounds good would be of interest.

        c) As the article stated, pork has not been widely available in Israel. There have been both legal and cultural reasons for its scarcity. However, it has always been available in small amounts in certain, usually Christian, neighborhoods. The author is not trying to be "in your face" to religious Jews or the religious authorities, despite how the Times writer seems to be trying to cast it. He is a secular Jew and an established author who is writing a book to introduce an unfamiliar product to what he hopes is a newly receptive audience.

        d) Back to the first point, this book isn't intended for an American audience.

        Having said all that, given that I have a small selection of Israeli cookbooks written in Hebrew I would be curious to read how an Israeli cook handles "white meat." I see no reason why the recipes should be any better or worse than in any other cookbook.

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          Okay...missed A....which changes the whole thing.

          cook on.