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Oct 4, 2010 10:15 AM


I am in need of suggestions for one evening meal , both for food and wine . I'm stumped over the food because he is constantly exposed to great food in the Healdsburg, Santa Rosa, San Franciso area. What in Dallas might he find appealing given the high level he is constantly exposed to? It's not a problem to order a bottle or two off of someone's list, but it would be great to go somewhere that will not freak out if he pulls out an old bottle to taste. In California, it is just something they do all the time, and it's almost impossible to explain the way we do things in Texas. No problem paying corkage on anything he wants to open, just need a place where they won't ruin an entire dinner over a bottle or two of outside wine. Thanks in advance for your thoughts and suggestions.

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  1. The problem is not with the restaurant freaking out but, rather, with the cazy liquor laws in Texas. If a restaurant has a license for hard liquor and not just beer and wine it is illegal for them to allow outside alcoholic beverages. I am well aware that some allow it and I do not believe it is a big TABC priority but it is a violation of Texas law.

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      your explanation is most appreciated. I did not realize exactly what the law is, since , as you point out, some do, some don't. Any suggestions for a restaurant? Thanks.

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        It really makes since that you may bring a bottle of wine into a restaurant that has a beer and wine permit but not into a place with a mixed beverage permit, doesn't it?! On to restaurants--I ate Friday night at Chamberlain's Steak and Chop House and they have a great list of wine specials by the bottle. (Check out their list at the website below). And the food is excellent and wine friendly. I will give some thought to places that allow corkage. RIP Lola!!

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          LOL.....thanks, I needed that. Your thoughts will be appreciated. TIA.

    2. can we kick this around some more? At least the food part.........

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        Take him to Fearing's at The Ritz Carlton. He will have the time of his life. Tell the waiter to tell Chef Fearing you are with a CA winemaker and he will come out to visit you with his cowboy boots and apron.

        York Street would be another good suggestions. Good luck.

        York St. @ 6047 Lewis Street, Dallas, TX 214 - 826 - 0968.

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          Agreed on York Street -- at Wednesday lunch, I have seen (presumed) food/wine industry types pull bottles of wine out of their bag. Don't know about dinner, though.

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          I'd suggest Pappas Bros Steakhouse. This is an excellent restaurant in the best tradition of a Texas steakhouse. Excellent food and service.

          Barbara Werley oversees the wine there and she is one of only 105 professionals who have earned the title Master Sommelier in North America. I'm sure if you contacted her beforehand and discussed with her your situation, she'd be very ameniable to making sure it would be a special occasion.

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            Scagnetti speaks wise of Pappas Brothers. There are 4 somms on staff, one master. The continuing education not just for the somms but for the entire staff is requisite. To me, no one takes wine as serious. And I can almost bet you can get your bottle in with a lil phone call.

            Can I assume you will be in Dallas for the Napa Valley event on the 13th?

            There are many other nice options for fine dining in Dallas and my head will explode if I need to start that list. There are plenty of recent threads here with wonderful recs. What hotel will you be at, that might help narrow it all down a bit.

            We are having our California moment with the weather, so all will be grand for your visit.

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              boy, you are so right about this if you could just figure out how to make it last a while........

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                Gotta agree with the "California moment". I've broken out both my "California Wine Country Herbs & Spices Cookbook" and my "Sonoma Diet" cookbook.

          2. THANKS to all who gave advice, most appreciated. We wound up at 560, and they could not have been more accommodating. The winemaker was impressed, and I was quite taken with the food. We had quail, duck, lobster/shrimp rolls, pork dumplings, wygu beef. Everything except the crispy lobster/shrimp rolls were stellar, they were just ordinary. The quail and pork dumplings were truly delicious, special food. The place reminded me a little of the Slanted Door in San Francisco, in that their approach to food leads to multiple shared plates. I feel this place is a gem for Dallas. By the way, they have a new chef. The original lady is now in Puck's LA or Beverly Hills operation. Her sous chef had been promoted to exec. chef.

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              Nice. Sara Johannes will be sadly missed, but her sous, Pat Robertson, is very skilled. Here is a nice photo of Sara for the road.