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Oct 4, 2010 10:14 AM

Dinner for 37 - near Boston Seaport Hotel - This Wednesday!

I need help with a recommendation for dinner for 37 people for this Wednesday night (10/6/2010).
This meeting just got dumped in my lap this weekend and I'm trying to come up with something that's not the standard steakhouse.
I was hoping for Neptune Oyster, but they only seat 22.
I'm not adverse to putting everyone in taxi's and going back across the fort point channel, I just don't want it to be a 30 minute cab ride.

Does anyone have any bright ideas for this one?


Neptune Oyster
63 Salem St Ste 1, Boston, MA 02113

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  1. That's a tough call with so many people. I'm thinking that LaGalleria 33 on Salem St may be able to handle 37 people. Food is quite good and the dining area is lovely with an open kitchen.

    1. Sel de la Terre (the waterfront location) probably has the space.

      1. Do you need a private room (you mentioned "meeting")? Or is this just the meal?

        What's your hoped for pricepoint/person?

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        1. re: L2k

          We don't need a private room - we'll be in meetings back at our hotel all day Wed and Thurs.
          We don't have a set price per person, but I imagine if we come back at $200/person we'll hear nasty things from our finance people. I've been looking at places with entree's in the $25-$35 range

          I'm leaning towards Sel de la Terre - sounds like they have the room

          We thought about Meritage, but I have no idea if they have the room, and I haven't been able to figure out what that will cost us. I'll give them a call before I lock in the reservation with Sel de la Terre.

          Legal Seafood has room somewhere in the city, but I'm not a big fan of Legal's. Morton's would be expensive and I never find the steakhouse meals to be worth the money.

          Aura in the Seaport Hotel can't seat us in any of the regular rooms, so we would need to go to a banquet room, which means a limited menu ("would you like the rubber beef, the rubber chicken, or the overcooked vegetarian dish?").

          I would happily go to somewhere in Chinatown, but with 37 people I'm bound to find a few complainers that (and I hate to even type the words) "don't like Chinese food".

          I'm still open to other suggestions, but I should probably lock down the reservation this morning.

          Meritage Restaurant
          70 Rowes Wharf, Boston, MA 02110

          Sel de la Terre
          1245 Worcester Street, Natick, MA 01760

          1. re: mstoller

            I think Sel de la Terre is your best bet. It's close, a "nice" place, but not crazy expensive, the food is good and they have something for everybody. Just go and book it.

            Sel de la Terre
            1245 Worcester Street, Natick, MA 01760

        2. The new Petit Robert Central on Summer St has a large capacity and multiple spaces for events. As they have been open only for a couple of weeks, I'm not sure how polished the operation is but their other establishments are very well run. Check them out to see what they might do.

          1. What about Red Fez (on Washington in the South End)? I know they have the space, and should be enough variety on the menu to suit everyone.
            - Gaby

            Red Fez
            1222 Washington St, Boston, MA 02118

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            1. re: gabreality

              A few days into this process, the managers running this meeting decide totell me about their max budget of $50/person. I'm assuming that includes tax and tip - in Boston, for a large group of sales guys - uggh - at this point I give up, we're going to Chinatown. I'll drown my sorrows in Ting Tao and dumplings...

              If anyone is looking to host a group of this size and actually has a realistic budget for dinner, the people at Legal Sea Food, Meritage, Aura and Sal de La Terre were all very helpful.

              Meritage Restaurant
              70 Rowes Wharf, Boston, MA 02110