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Oct 4, 2010 09:07 AM

Organic Fast Food Restaurants in Toronto

Looking for a list of fast food or casual eating places that use organic antibiotic free chicken as well as antibiotic and hormone free beef etc.

Just somewhere to go for a quick meal and get healthy food as well.

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  1. Try Fresh--they have a location on Bloor (near to Bloor & Spadina) and another one on Spadina down near queen. Can't remember if they're 100% vegan though, might not be able to get your meat there. I'm sure you'll hear from some more helpful people than me soon ;)

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    1. re: little miss A

      Yup, Fresh is vegan, except for some of their drinks, where you have a dairy option.

    2. Both Luna Cafe (on Dovercourt north of Queen) and Big Mamma's Boy (on Parliament) use organic or naturally raised meats.

      Fresh, on the other hand, is not an organic restaurant.

      1. I haven't been, but I understand that Chipotle Mexican Grill uses locally raised hormone/antibiotic-free chicken and meats.

        1. Pretty sure that Black Camel sandwiches use only antibiotic/hormone free meats (beef, pork and chicken), if not actual organic.

          Black Camel
          4 Crescent Rd, Toronto, ON M4W1S9, CA