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Oct 4, 2010 08:58 AM

USDA Prime steakhouse in Iowa City, Cedar Rapids or Quad Cities?

Does anyone know of a good steakhouse that serves USDA prime beef in any of the above mentioned locales? I'm in Iowa City and as far as I know, the closest prime steakhouses are in Des Moines (801 or Fleming's).

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  1. Joseph's on Clinton in Iowa City I believe serves prime beef. *Edit - just checked their site and it looks like they have moved away from Prime. Prices came down considerably as well.

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      Did Joseph's ever serve Prime? I didn't think they did. I've been there several times, and they are the best steakhouse in town, but I'm still thinking I will need to go to Des Moines or Chicago for a good prime steak.

    2. Try Okoboji Restaurant Bar and Grill at the Sycamore Mall. They list in their menu
      that they offer prime sirloin for around $15 and a Spirit Lake Ribeye for around $19 although the steak is not listed as prime.

      Also try the Outback Steakhouse in Coralville just outside the Coral Ridge Mall after you turn off US Highway 6. It's on the right as you go towards the Mall on 25th Avenue. Their menu lists prime rib but it's wise to call ahead to be sure it is offered the day you want to visit them as they list it is offered on an "as available" basis. They offer different size cuts with the largest cut (16 oz.) sells for $19.50.

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          Thanks for replying, but I've been to both those places, and they do not serve USDA prime grade beef.

          In general, the word "prime" in "prime rib" does not refer to USDA beef grade, and most prime rib is not USDA prime beef. Also, in general, USDA prime beef is quite a bit more expensive than the prices at those two places.

        2. Chef's Table lists 'prime bison'.......

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            Interesting, I don't even know if the USDA grades bison the same way as beef.

          2. Bass Street Chophouse in Moline offers prime steak. Though, I'm not recommending it as everything seemed simultaneously over-sized and over-priced. Good place to impress people with how much you can spend on a restaurant in the QC.

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            1. re: bgoldsberry

              Oversized and overpriced aside, how's the meat?

              1. re: mdrichey

                As I recall, adequate. We often joke about going out "for a good steak", remember that we live in the Quad Cities, and then fire up the grill and settle for NY strips from Fareway.

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                  I went to Bass Street with a group of about 10 others for a foody night out and I thought the steak was great, but I also decided I didn't like eating great steak enough to go back considering the price. That's just me though. They've got a Maytag cheesy potato side that's really good, and I was also fond of the Carrot Cake.